Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TwiceGirlies Growing So Fast

Today when my TwiceGirlies came home from school, TwiceGirlie "A" was opening the refrigerator and I was looking at her from behind and listening to her talk. Out loud, and to TwiceGirlie "A", I said, "My goodness, you certainly are growing up fast sweetie. Look how tall you are getting and your voice is changing. What is happening to my baby girl?"

Then, I turned to TwiceGirlie "B" and also noticed how tall she was getting and that her voice was changing as well. Oh my, in  heartbeat, my TwiceGirlies have grown up before my eyes. This is just wrong and I want to go "back in time" just for a little bit...maybe six months to a year. Yeah, that sounds good. But I want to begin at birth to one year.

My TwiceGirlies face have not changed so much (which is good), but the are getting taller and their voices are changing. Good for them, bad for Mommy.

Oh well, I know this is not possible, but there is no harm in wishing, right?

TwiceGirlies and Homework This Week

When my girlie's come home from school, they have two folders: one is green and one is blue. The green one is with all the home they did the week before and anything they did in class. The blue folder is for all the homework they have to complete in four days.

Right now, their homework is pretty me at least. They are learning some rhyming words, matching words and how to use sight words in sentences. I love the sight words as they learned sight words when they were in kindergarten too. But now, they are using sight words in sentences.

Along with all the above, my girlie's come home with a new book, from the class library, every day. They also come home with these very thin, white book, that they read in class and are supposed to read at home.

Now, I am not sure how excited my girlie's are about this school year, but Mommy is excited. I love seeing them learn new things and I am excited to see them learning to read. I just purchased some books to read to them from the Answers in Genesis website. I purchased some books on Dinosaurs and Creation. I figure, I better read to my girlie's about Dinosaurs from the Bible, so they will know the truth and not this lie perpetrated my the government school system.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

TwiceGirlies, Stars and Glow Sticks

For two weeks now, I have been promising my TwiceGirlies we would sit outside and look at the stars. I also promised I would let them open up and play with some more Glow Sticks. In order for my TwiceGirlies and Mommy to sit under the stars and play with Glow Sticks, I had one stipulation for them, that they would stop fighting with each other every morning before school and that they would be nice to each other during the day.

Honestly, there is not a day that goes by when my twins are stirring up trouble. The only time they are not arguing, fighting, kicking and screaming is when they are asleep. Yup, when they are no longer talking and no longer want what the other twin has, at that very moment., is when they are sleeping.

But, being a somewhat softy, I gave in tonight. Since school began last Monday, the only time I will let them stay out late to see the stars come out is Friday and or Saturday evening.

It looks as if I will never have twins who are loving and kind to each other...but I know prayer works and I pray for them to be just that, loving and kind to each other. This is a work in progress though and I know, I know, this is something siblings just go through. I know, my sister and I must have fought over the same things and did not get along when we were younger.

But I digress......

So, tonight, I opened one of my drawers where I hid the Glow Sticks and laid them out on my comforter. The container had 15 Glow Sticks and you should have seen my twins eyes light up. This is something I will have to give to  my twins for their birthday gift. In fact, I will probably give them two to three packets they can use during the fall season when the sun goes down a lot earlier.

Well, as soon as I opened the Glow Sticks and my twins began connecting them, I knew they were not going to be interested in the stars anymore. I still brought three Adirondack chairs out on the front lawn and I looked at the stars, while watching them connect the Gloe Sticks, take apart and re-connect the sticks to make necklaces, bracelets and hoola hoops.

Friday, August 26, 2011

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TwiceGirlies Ending Week Two of School

Wow, the first two weeks of school have flown by fast....

This reminds me of my TwiceGirlies and their babyhood going by so fast. Not only is the technology today speeding up at a fast pace, so too are my twins growing up, in the blink of an eye, and the technology today. Everything just goes by so fast today, sometimes...just sometimes, it would be nice to go "Back in Time" to relieve the good times in our lives.

It seemed when my twins were babies I wanted them to get a little older, now that they are getting older and wanting to do everything themselves, it makes me want to go back five years to hold them more and play with them more in their babyhood. Yes, this is something almost every parent longs for...right???

I look at their preemie, baby photos, and they bring tears to my eyes. But alas, there is no turning back the clock and we have to move forward to the future. Move forward to the future full of new adventures, making new friends and still having play dates, learning about math, science, animals, English, history and so much more.

But I digress......

When I receive my twins class photos, I will have to put their Kindergarten photo and 1st Grade photo side by side to see if anything has changed. Of course, over the summer, kids get tall and their faces begin to look different. This is what I want to see in my TwiceGirlies.

With the second week of school behind them and the month of August coming to a close, the Fall season is on our heels and summer will be but a faded memory of the fun times my TwiceGirlies had a birthday parties, playing in our plastic pool and on the slip n slide.

With Summer Comes Kids and Cell Phones

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Picture Day!

So, today was Picture Day...oh yeah, it is week two of 1st Grade and they are already taking class photos. Wow, as soon as school begins, they bog parents down with school photos and fundraising. Yup, fundraising is already in full swing.

The quest for school fundraising, at my girls school, ends at the beginning of September. So, I made two purchases from each of my girls and sent the website link to my parents, two out of seven of my aunts and my hubby's two sister's.

Well, my parents have already made a purchase, now I am waiting for the other purchases to help out my girls school. Selling magazines is another fundraising project. I had to send at least 7 mailings out so my girls could receive a plastic frog on a string.

Back to Picture Day, I had my girls wear the same dress with the headbands I had made them. I made the headbands with a lime green plastic band and orange/yellow flower. The headband matched the flower on one side of the dress. Oh...I hope they took good photos like they did in Kindergarten.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Twin "B" Got Her Cast On Monday...Blue Of Course!!

On Monday, Twin"B" went to the pediatrician's office to get her cast on. I know she was not happy at all. But, even though she was not a happy camper, she could at least get the color she wanted: BLUE.

She came home from the doctor's office and looked adorable to me. Today, I asked her if I could sign her cast. She let me and her sister sign it. Today Twin "B" might let her friends and teacher sign the cast as well. Her doctor says the cast will probably be on for only 10 to 12 days.

All Twin "B" was concerned about was if she would be wearing this cast on her birthday..

So, here is Twin "B" with her BLUE cast on:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

TwiceGirlie "A" Is Kid of the Week!!

This was the first week of school and on Friday, Twice Girlie "A" came home with the very first poster for Kid of the Week. The poster is blank and she gets to  color it with any colors she likes, write her name on it, her birthday and some other things with blank bubbles to write in.

Twice Girlie "A" has yet to color this poster in but we will do it together, tomorrow morning. Twice Girlie "A" came home from school and was so proud of herself, as Mommy, Daddy and Sister were of her for whatever she did to earn the Kid of the Week Poster.

Once the poster is colored in, I will add the photo to the post.

Yeah Twice Girlie "A"!!!!

TwiceGirlie "B" Fractures Right Wrist...OUCH!!!

Alright, the first week of school was very eventful for Twice Girlie "B". The beginning of the week was great for her, her twin sister and all her old and new friends. In fact Twice Girlie "B" just loves her new teacher too. Let's see, it was either Tuesday or Wednesday and Twice Girlie "B" was running on the playground, as she is not supposed to be doing. While running, she fell down and scraped her knee and side. So the school office put a blue (school color) band aide on her side.

Then on Friday, while on lunch break, after eating her lunch, Twice Girlie "B" and friends went to the playground. This is where Twice Girlie "B" fell off the monkey bars and tried to break her fall. Well, she broke her fall alright. The playground helper and one of the office secretaries, had to bring her to the school office and call Daddy.

Daddy calls me to tell me what happened to her and he was taking her to the E.R. While at the E.R. she was pretty good, just waiting to be seen by an E.R. doctor. The doctor took an X-Ray and put a splint her on arm, wrapped with an ace bandage. Then, her arm was placed in sling.

Here is a photo of my sweet girly girl lying on the gurney with her splinted right wrist.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TwiceGirlies at Casa De Fruita and Carmel

Last weekend, for our very little Daycation, we all went to Casa De Fruita and Carmel. I love Casa De Fruita. My hubby began going this way to get out of the East Bay traffic. Of course, anytime you are going into the Bay Area, it is always busy, right, am I right? Right!

So, like aways, we drove "the back way" to the coast. Well, every time we have a weekend in Carmel, Monterey or Santa Cruz, we go past Casa De Fruita and we have to stop. Daddy and Mommy first took the twins here when they were two or three. Two years ago, my sister, her hubby, her boys and myself, my hubby and our twins, all went to Casa De Fruita.  It was so much fun and every time we go to Casa De Fruita, it is crowded, I mean, it is totally packed with people from all over the country.

When I mean this place is busy, I mean people come Casa De Fruita on tour buses. I suppose it is because this is an excellent midway stop to where ever a person or family is headed. Everytime I go, I do see a family of Amish.

Well, here are some pictures of my twins on one of the stationery trains, putting their faces in the cut outs, putting their head and hands in stocks, riding the merry go round, train that goes around the "fruit stand" and panning for "gold".

Monday, August 15, 2011

TwiceGirlies First Day of 1st Grade

My TwiceGirlies started 1st Grade and they love it. They have a new teacher and have about 30 kids in their class! Thirty kids, this is so, so, sad. This is just like their Kindergarten class last year, size wise that is.
Anyway, most of the kids who are in their class, they knew from Kindergarten last year. When Daddy and Mommy drove them to school, you should have seen how big and heavy their backpacks were. Daddy bought the twins: pens, pencils, colored pens, colored markers, construction paper, pencil box, lined paper and Kleenex. WOW, do you remember having to bring supplies to your school if you were born in 1970? I never did. This is a bad situation all around when parents have to buy school supplies for their kids for the whole year.
For the first day of school, my twins looked just adorable in their brand new dress and the matching headbands Mommy made for them. I matched their headband with the orange and pink flower on top of a lime green ribbon. I can make you a hat or headband to go with any outfit also. Just let me know! If I do not have the colors on hand, I will just order the colors needed.
Here are some photos of my twins on their first day of school:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Cool Kids Wear Zenni Optical Lens for Back to School

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When the new school years comes around, saving money is key. Not only do I have to purchase new clothing this year, but there are school supplies as well. Having two middle schoolers, in the same class, gets expensive. Now, I just have two kids, I can not imagine what parents of more than two kids have to pay for their clothes and school supplies.

Now, if children going back to school wear prescription glasses, this is another added cost. Especially if parents have eye insurance which only covers one pair of eye glasses per year or better yet, if parents do not have eye insurance at all. Can you imagine the price of prescription eye glasses for maybe one or two children going back to school? It boggles the mind.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

TwiceGirlies at their Friends Home Today

This morning my friend and I were texting and I told her the hats and headbands I made for her and her two girls were ready for pick up. I also had some hats, headbands and boutique bows that she could show her hair stylist.

So my friend and her kids came over to my home to pick up my TwiceGirlies and take them back to her home. My twins were so excited have a "play date" with their friend. They had been asking for a play date for such a long time. They stayed over at their friends home all day long. Not only was that fun for my twins, but for Mommy too. I was able to make a new vegetable soup I found on this website for people will illnesses and write three articles I needed to write before the day ended.

I write for three two different companies and when people find me online, through various blog catalogs, I receive emails asking me to write an article for giveaways, and their products to test out, and for monetary compensation. I really prefer monetary compensation and this is what I receive most of the time.

It was real nice having a day to myself and now, when my TwiceGirlies go back to school, they will be in school home will be so quite and it will be strange for sure. When my twins were in Kindergarten, they only went half day and they were Late Birds...

My twins are very excited to be going back to school, especially because their friend and them will be in the same classroom...with the same teacher that we prayed they would get.

School is already on the horizon and so is shopping for school clothes

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These tops are just one example of what is available for the trend setting student in the up coming school year. Once the top is chosen, the bottoms have to be looked at. There are some awesome Unionbay Cargo Capri which come in sizes 0 to 13 and are available in Khaki Beige to Black. The Almost Famous Crystal Capri comes in white, have two front pockets, two back pockets, are Denim and Zip-Fly. The Capri's start out at just $19.99, I mean how can you go wrong with this price.

Depending on what your cities weather is like, you might also want some shorts. There are shorts by Vanilla Star Heavy Stitch Denim Shorts. These shorts come in blue, after fire blue and white and come in sizes 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Along with these above Must Have's, this Moa Moa Beaded Yoke Tiered Tank Top will wow all your friends. This amazing tank top comes is deep teal green and black and comes in sizes small, medium and large. Another trendy top is the Wurl Surplice Baby Doll Tunic Top. This top comes in a blue multi color and sizes small, medium, large and extra large.  

For the young men, they just love graphic tees and would most definitely need some new shorts or jeans. A graphic tee which might be cool for is the Hurley Sparkler Glow in the Dark Tee. This comes in blue and black,  Some popular brands for guys are Hurley, Salt Life, O'Neill and Levi. Young guys have to look just as cool and the young girls too.

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The boys can wear   Dockers®  Polo Shirts in colors Hunter Green, Burgundy, Royal Blue and many more. For shorts, boys can wear   Dockers®  Shorts in a variety of sizes and in colors Khaki and Navy Blue. Boys, just like the girls, can wear long pants when the weather turns cold.

Shopping at BellasFlorida will save you so much money, you will wonder why you have not heard of this clothing store before and will have you coming back for more clothes. Gn zes Polo Shrirts come i T    nk,,,,,  


Dockers® Girls' School Uniform Scooters 7-16


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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Stars Come Out For TwiceGirlies and Mom

Last night, I had the idea to sit under the stars with the twins.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Giveaways are fun and I have one, just for you!

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Friday, August 5, 2011

TwiceGirlies Mom and Flies

This week has been one crazy week and I do not mean with my twins. Oh no, this week has been crazy with me killing flies. Yes, there have been over thirty or more flies in my home, at any given time. I know how they get in my home too..their names are Twin "A" and Twin "B"...sometimes Daddy. No, Mommy never allows flies to come into the home. I always close doors because I am not a fan of flies and will instantly allow them to meet their demise.

So, everyday, when my twins go outdoors, I am always telling them to, "Close the door, please!!! That is unless you like flies all over the home."

Hearing is not something my twins have grasped yet. My twins love to talk and hear their own voices, but when it comes to listening and taking directions...this is a skill they are still learning to master. This is the main reason our home has become "Fly Central" and I am hoping this trend will end soon. It is as if the flyswatter is attached to my hip.

Flies, flies flies....when will they leave and why are they so attacked to my home. Are flies attacked to your home too? If so, oh I am so sorry for you..I feel your pain!!

The Meathead Movers Offer Superior Moving Services

The name Meathead Movers may sound funny to you, but this company is are from funny. Meathead Movers has been around since 1997 when the Steed brothers, Aaron and Evan, were looking for a job to work around their school athletic schedule. One day, they were helping a friends parents move and word got out about their labor services. Back then, in 1997, the Sneed brothers charged $20 and a pizza for a day's labor. Soon, there was word or mouth about their moving services. Then the Sneed brother began printing flyer's with their pager number on a tear-off strip on the flyer's. Their flyer's were printed in their high school computer class.

When you are seeking a personalized service, just like hotels offer their guests, the Meathead Movers offer the same service. You will be assigned your own concierge mover. With this mover, they will help you move items into storage units, provide carpet cleaning and house cleaning as well. The Concierge service offers not only storage unit moves, but they will provide help with a real estate attorney, landscapers, handymen, computer network installers, hauling service and debris removal and many more services. 

If you live within a 100 mile radius, the Meathead Movers will help you pack up your things. If clients live in the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura County areas, the first moving company to call are the Meathead Movers. There are two packages: full service and labor moves. Meathead Movers offers a professional service for any and all your moving needs. The crew at Meathead, at no extra charge will provide you with three types of dollies, proper tie-downs and a full set of tools at your service.

Meathead clients, who want to help in their move are more than welcome. In fact, when it comes to small items, clients prefer to move those items themselves. As for the more heavy items, this is where Meathead Movers come in and be more than happy to provide more physical help for their clients.

If you are looking for the Princess touch, the Princess Packers, also known as, The Cinderella Fund provide grants to children whose families are facing hardships. This hardship could be for a single Mom leaving  domestic violence with the aid of the local women's shelter programs or with one parent stricken with cancer. The Princess Packers have a heart for providing help to families in the community get back on their feet and allow children to fulfill their dreams. The Princess Packers Grants are for children interested in athletics, the arts and education the Princess Packers donate a $1 per box packed by our Princesses, and the fund is taken care of by non-profits by the communities the Princess Packers serve.

The Meathead Movers are more than a moving company, they provide many personal moving services and are very dedicated to helping out families with their communities get back on their feet. Whether you are looking for a full service moving company or labor moves, the first and last moving company to keep on your Rolodex, iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone is are the Meathead Movers. If you are a fan of Facebook, then you can also become a Fan of the Meathead Movers as well. When looking for ways to move your products to a new location, the Meathead Movers are your #1 company to go to and it is always great to receive updates from the Meathead Movers on their Facebook page.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Home Designing Begins with Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

As family, friends and guests come to your home, they will more likely than not, enter through front door. This means you will have a walkway up to your home and it would be so lovely if you had outdoor lighting like walkway lighting and some lighting on your front porch. Not only is this safe for your guests, it lights up the front of your home as darkness falls.

Once family, friends and guests enter your home, you will want them to see your lovely indoor lighting. If you have an island or bar in your kitchen, then the pendant lighting fixtures would be the most attractive lighting in above these areas. This type of lighting is small where you can use three, four or five all in a row, above a bar stool chair. These pendant lighting fixtures come in an array of colors and designs to match your kitchens design.

Some homeowners are not fans of floor or tabletop lighting. If this is the case, wall sconces would be an excellent way to go. This type of lighting allows for the homeowner and guests to not trip over the lighting, while providing the lighting needed in a hallway, going upstairs, in bathrooms, bedrooms, family room or living. In fact, there is no place this type of lighting will not work.

Today's lighting is nothing but spectacular. Whatever lighting you are looking for to enhance your home, they can all be found in one place.

TwiceGirlie "B" Loses Her First Tooth!

Oh goodness, last night, after dinner my twins were biting on a candy necklace. Well, when Twin "B" began chewing on the necklace, she looked at me and said, "I think my tooth came out." The tooth did come out and it was so tiny! Oh, Twin "B" and Mommy were so excited! I mean, I was just as excited as she was and we looked at it under the light and then I took photos of her mouth with the lost tooth and tooth photos of her holding her tiny tooth in her hand.

Twin "B" was now excited for the Tooth Fairy to come to her room and give her some money. I told her she had to go to sleep and not wake up. Once Twin "A" and Twin "B" were down for the evening, I went to my secret place of memorial items for my twins and took out the Tooth Fairy Gold Pillow and Gold Pixie Dust.

At around 12ish, with Gold Tooth Fairy Pillow and Gold Pixie Dust in hand, I put her itty bitty tooth in the tiny opening in the front of the pillow and put some money in the opening on the back of the pillow. When morning came, at 7ish, I could hear Twin "B" and Twin "A" all excited for finding the Gold Pillow with money, under her pillow and seeing Pixie Dust on her clothes, bed sheets and some of her stuffed Pandas.

Mommy also put some Pixie Dust on Twin "A" so she would not be so sad. I have one of these Gold Tooth Fairy Pillows and Gold Pixie Dust for Twin "A" too.

Here are some photos of Twin "B" holding her Gold Tooth Fairy Pillow and showing off the space in her mouth where to baby tooth used to be and her "adult" tooth is coming in.