Thursday, August 25, 2011

TwiceGirlies and Picture Day!

So, today was Picture Day...oh yeah, it is week two of 1st Grade and they are already taking class photos. Wow, as soon as school begins, they bog parents down with school photos and fundraising. Yup, fundraising is already in full swing.

The quest for school fundraising, at my girls school, ends at the beginning of September. So, I made two purchases from each of my girls and sent the website link to my parents, two out of seven of my aunts and my hubby's two sister's.

Well, my parents have already made a purchase, now I am waiting for the other purchases to help out my girls school. Selling magazines is another fundraising project. I had to send at least 7 mailings out so my girls could receive a plastic frog on a string.

Back to Picture Day, I had my girls wear the same dress with the headbands I had made them. I made the headbands with a lime green plastic band and orange/yellow flower. The headband matched the flower on one side of the dress. Oh...I hope they took good photos like they did in Kindergarten.  

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