Saturday, August 20, 2011

TwiceGirlie "B" Fractures Right Wrist...OUCH!!!

Alright, the first week of school was very eventful for Twice Girlie "B". The beginning of the week was great for her, her twin sister and all her old and new friends. In fact Twice Girlie "B" just loves her new teacher too. Let's see, it was either Tuesday or Wednesday and Twice Girlie "B" was running on the playground, as she is not supposed to be doing. While running, she fell down and scraped her knee and side. So the school office put a blue (school color) band aide on her side.

Then on Friday, while on lunch break, after eating her lunch, Twice Girlie "B" and friends went to the playground. This is where Twice Girlie "B" fell off the monkey bars and tried to break her fall. Well, she broke her fall alright. The playground helper and one of the office secretaries, had to bring her to the school office and call Daddy.

Daddy calls me to tell me what happened to her and he was taking her to the E.R. While at the E.R. she was pretty good, just waiting to be seen by an E.R. doctor. The doctor took an X-Ray and put a splint her on arm, wrapped with an ace bandage. Then, her arm was placed in sling.

Here is a photo of my sweet girly girl lying on the gurney with her splinted right wrist.

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