Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TwiceGirlie "B" Loses Her First Tooth!

Oh goodness, last night, after dinner my twins were biting on a candy necklace. Well, when Twin "B" began chewing on the necklace, she looked at me and said, "I think my tooth came out." The tooth did come out and it was so tiny! Oh, Twin "B" and Mommy were so excited! I mean, I was just as excited as she was and we looked at it under the light and then I took photos of her mouth with the lost tooth and tooth photos of her holding her tiny tooth in her hand.

Twin "B" was now excited for the Tooth Fairy to come to her room and give her some money. I told her she had to go to sleep and not wake up. Once Twin "A" and Twin "B" were down for the evening, I went to my secret place of memorial items for my twins and took out the Tooth Fairy Gold Pillow and Gold Pixie Dust.

At around 12ish, with Gold Tooth Fairy Pillow and Gold Pixie Dust in hand, I put her itty bitty tooth in the tiny opening in the front of the pillow and put some money in the opening on the back of the pillow. When morning came, at 7ish, I could hear Twin "B" and Twin "A" all excited for finding the Gold Pillow with money, under her pillow and seeing Pixie Dust on her clothes, bed sheets and some of her stuffed Pandas.

Mommy also put some Pixie Dust on Twin "A" so she would not be so sad. I have one of these Gold Tooth Fairy Pillows and Gold Pixie Dust for Twin "A" too.

Here are some photos of Twin "B" holding her Gold Tooth Fairy Pillow and showing off the space in her mouth where to baby tooth used to be and her "adult" tooth is coming in.

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