Saturday, June 28, 2008

TwiceBabies and PonyTails

My TwiceBabies have soft hair like Mommy. Their hair is also very curly and that makes it difficult to see their ponytail bands in their hair. When I was their age, Mommy had curly, soft hair, just like them. I wonder if my twins hair will remain curly the older they get. I think it would be adorable, especially if is it stayed soft as it is now. Their hair has a long way to go to get past their chin. I think that is where their hair is now.

God Bless TwiceBabies with growing, soft and curly hair!

TwiceBabies, No Nap but Fall Asleep In a Instant!

Today, my twins did not want to take a nap. So, they played all day in the house, watched their Hi-5 and other baby shows. Plus, they went out in the backyard for a little bit. But, all in all,they stayed indoors for some reason.

I was supposed to get my hair cut and highlighted at 3, but it was moved to 5 instead. My hairstylist was so busy today. I have never seen her salon so full of people before. That is why, even though I had an appointment, it had to be moved back to 5PM. As my hair stylist was doing my hair, people kept coming in.

Well, after my hair was highlighted, washed, cut and dried, I left. My hair looks good, but she just did not have time to flatten it like she usually does. So, will do it myself.

Anyway, when I got home,TwiceBaby "B" was showcasing her bare bottom. Her diaper was full of pee. So, she pulled it off and was running around, bare bottom and all. Once I was home, Daddy went out to get the milk I had forgotten to purchase, plus get us some dinner.

When Daddy got home, all three of us were knocked out on our TwiceBabies bed. It was unbelievable. Our twins not taking a nap made them actually go to sleep in an instant. If only each time they missed a nap their going to bedtime would be this easy.

But...that is just a pipe dream....

God Bless TwiceBabies who fall asleep easily...NO FUSS, NO BUSS!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

TwiceBabies, Hi-5, Nite Nite!

Once we were all home, our TwiceBabies got one more sippy cup of milk, watched Hi-5 with Daddy, then they went Nite Nite. Oh boy, did they need it too. On our way home, Twin "B" went totally ballistic because she, Mommy or Daddy could not get her dropped sippy cup. Either she dropped it or threw it down. In any case, she was having a hissy fit and driving Mommy up the wall.

We could not get home fast enough!

Finally, at home, TwiceBabies A and B both got their last sippy cup of milk, watched their last Hi-5 of the day and went Nite Nite. It was well after their normal bedtime, 9:47, so they should have been fussy. But not as much as Twin B was.

Goodness, when they act that way, I call them spoiled little brats...they are acting that as if they world revolves around them!

For crying out loud!!

God Bless Sleeping Babies!!

TwiceBabies at Boomers!

When Daddy got home from work tonight, we all went to Boomers! It was our first time there and I can not see why. There is nothing for toddlers to do there. Unless our toddlers are 40 inches tall, they can not get on the water boats with us, they can not, of course, get on the race cars, play mini golf and play any of the arcade games.

But, there was an outdoor enclosed play area for toddlers and above to play in. It is like the one, only bigger, found at your local McD's. The one thing missing from the play area were colorful plastic balls. Like the ones Go Bananas has inside their jumpers and play area for toddlers.

It looks like we might not be back there until they are 3 years old or 40 inches...

God Bless places for toddlers, or lack thereof, to play at.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

TwiceBabies, Mommy and No Chickens!

About a week or two ago, my husband got our twins saying, "No Chickens." I have no idea where this came from or how it got started, but now, they say, "No Chickens" Mommy or "No Chickens" Aunt JuJu.

It is the funniest thing to my twins. They love to say anything new or something Daddy makes up.

Daddy's are good this way. They have a sense of humor, whereas, Mommy's, we usually have to be the disciplinarian at home. This usually does not leave room for a sense of humor. God knew what He was doing when He created a Daddy and Mommy to care for their children.

Daddy's come home from work and they get to play with and laugh with their children. Whereas, Mommy, stays home to take care of and teach their children. This usually means Mommy is the full disciplinarian around the home. This, in my POW does not leave much room to laugh and play with my girls. I am always looking to make sure they are not constantly fighting, kicking, pulling hair and screaming at each other. Every once in a while, I may laugh with them, but it is a rarity!

God Bless Daddy's and Mommy's who have separate roles in their family!!

TwiceBabies and Chocy Milk

My husband has got our twins drinking Chocky Milk now. Over the past month or so, my twins have not tasted, and love, Chocky Milk. If they could, that is all they would drink.

They either ask for Chocky Milk or Choky Milsake.

Oh goodness, as much as these are so good to drink, they keep my twins wired if they drink them past 7PM.

But, at least they are drinking the one thing they love: MILK!

God Bless Chocolate!!

TwiceBabies Love Putting KeeKee in Blanket

Oh goodness, my twins have this KeeKee I purchased for them this month at Tuesday Morning. They love this KeeKee because she is soft and fun to hold. This KeeKee also has to always be wrapped in their Blankie their Nana made them when they were infants.

Yes, the same blankie that has had to be cut and re sewn at least 3 times now.

Twin "A"s blankie is getting smaller and smaller, while Twin "B"s is still almost the original size. I used to wrap my twins in their blankies when they were infants. Today, they just sleep with them and carry their KeeKee around in them.

It is funny thought, how they, from infant hood, knew which blankie was theirs. I guess even at infants, they knew their own scent on the blankets.

God is good!!

TwiceBabies are Bright!

My husband and I have come to the conclusion that the reason our twins are so bored is because they are so bright. They constantly need something to occupy their minds and curiosity. That is why they love watching their educational DVDs on Comcast Cable.

The DVDs they love to watch are by Brainy Baby, 1st Impressions, Baby Genius and so many more. They already know their ABC's and 123's at two and a half years old.

It would seem that boredom allows for the brain to grow and retain important life long information. Such as letters, numbers, colors, shapes and animals.

Recently, I read an article by an MD and director of Center on Media and Child Health on the website. This MD thinks he is the authority on a child's learning curve. He says no child under 2 years old should watch television and that their brains do not retain the information they see or hear anyway.

Well, I am all against that because my twins, since they were 4 or 6 months old have been watching the Praise Baby Collection DVDs which was put together with a child development 'expert' to teach infants and toddlers colors, shapes, animals, ABC, 123 and other things in our world.

Without these series of DVDs, Brainy Baby and others like this, my twins would not already know their ABCs or 123s. Of course, Daddy and Me, Mommy, sit with them and show them each item on the DVDs. Our twins love for us to sit with them and teach them what is in our world.

Also, I it is a parents job, not the school, to teach their children. If I could bring myself to do it, I would home school. But, I do not think this is where the Lord wants my children when they are of age to attend pre school. Although, I will be putting my twins in private pre school to learn about Jesus, not Darwinism. I will also be ordering Christian based materials for me to teach my twins at home, on my own time.

I will not allow my twins to be re wired to learn things I and my husband do not believe in.

God Bless Mommy's and Daddy's who love training up their children in the ways of the Lord.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

TwiceBabies Day with Ma Ti Ma

Finally, my twins babysitter and I agreed that Wednesday would be a better day for her to come and watch the girls. So, today, yeah!, she came over and took my twins to McD's, then to the park. They stayed out for probably two hours while I did some shopping at Wal Mart and Michael's. Then, I went to pick up some shoes I had repaired for my cousin's wedding I will be attending in two weeks. The repair only cost $4.00. They sole had to be re glued as the heat and my walking in them separated the sole from the actual shoe.

From the shoe store, I went next door to the party warehouse got my twins a balloon each, a fake hibiscus clip for my hair when I attend my Aunt's luau in August. Oh, I also got my twins a gold wand with a star on top.

It was a nice day too, the weather was lovely at 88 degrees. I love the weather this way!! No need for the A/C or even fans.

God Bless my Babysitter!!

TwiceBabies at the park Two Times!

Around 6ish, I left my home to go to bible study. We are still in the Book of Revelation. I had missed two weeks for various reasons. Anyway, before going to bible study, I went to Smart and Final and purchased some snacks for our group. We always have snacks to eat as we stay at least two hours, catching up with our lives, studying Revelation through an MP3 product, then praying afterwards. Tonight, I purchased various types of cookies. Oh yum!!

Anyway, while at bible study, GaGa and Papa came over and took our twins to the park. They probably strolled over there. They probably only stayed for thirty minutes, but had fun nonetheless. Whenever my twins can get out of the house, they are happy campers.

So, my twins were lucky today in that they were double whammied at two separate parks. How fun!

Praise God for Parks and days outside!!

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TwiceBabies morning at the Park

Around 11:30 this morning, I decided to just get out of the house. I had to deposit some checks for one thing. So, I asked my girls to find their sandals and put them on. Then, before opening out front door, I always unlock our truck and say to them, "Stand on the patio, do not leave the patio." Then they say, "Cars is street." Then I say, "Yes and they will run over and kill you. So, stay next to Mommy."

Once they were in the truck and latched in, I drove to my bank, deposited the checks and drove to a park we like a lot. I think we only stayed for a hour because it was getting hot and very humid. I had thought the skies were overcasty, but no, it was smoke from the fires in Santa Cruz!! The smoke was making its way all the way to the Central Valley. Can you believe that!!

So, I told my girls it was time to go home and get some lunch, see Daddy and take a nap. Then, they said, "Hi-5!" They wanted to watch Hi-5 once we got home too. So, we did all that, except see Daddy. He was still at work!

Once they finished watching Hi-5, we all went to their room and took a long 2 hour nap.

I love long naps, it makes it worth my while to actually lay down with them.

God Bless my TwiceBabies and local parks!

Monday, June 23, 2008

TwiceBabies who get BUSTED!!

When one or both my twins get busted, they have now began lowering their heads, with tears welling up in their eyes. Along with this new sympathy trick, they lower their voices as if they are going to cry for not getting their way.

My twins are true manipulates...gee,I wonder where they learned that from! Scary.....

I will need to get some video of them when their voices change for being disciplined for not obeying Mommy or Daddy. Or!, not getting their way...

I swear, manipulation starts once a baby is out of the womb. Then, they learn it from Mommy, Daddy, Siblings or Friends.

TwiceBabies, NiteNite and Their Sippy Cups(BaBas)

For some reason now, my twins have been doing their best NOT to go to sleep. With Daddy doing his best to get them to sleep, they play with him, sing with him and he reads to them. Then,when their sippy cups (BaBas), are done,they insist on opening their bedroom door and throwing their BaBas out in the hallway.

It is totally annoying and just prolongs their bedtime.

Goodness....this if this is part of toddler hood, TAKE IT AWAY!!! Especially when it is times two!!

Along with doing their best to not go to sleep, my twins, once Daddy has left the room, talk and sing their ABC's until they fall asleep, or not.

Last night, they turned on their nightlight, took some stuff out of their closet and toys out of their drawers. Then, they played with them on their bed along with singing and talking to each other.

My twins, they do whatever they can to avoid NOT sleeping!!

Goodness, gracious......

The Yummy Mummy Blog

I recently came across the Yummy Mummy blog and had to write about it. She is a Mummy to her one daughter who is one year, one week and three days old. Her website is personal, like mine and she works. In one of her posts, she talked about going back to work and having to pump milk for her daughter in the breast pump her co workers gave her.

Recently, she purchased a doodle toy for her daughter which keeps her somewhat occupied. Along with playing with the doodle toy, her daughter loves to wash her hands. Even if they are not dirty.

Yummy Mummy has been writing her blog since 2007 and it looks like she adds posts once a day.

Check out the yummy mummy blog and read about her and her family.

TwiceBabies and their Crayola Toy

A while back, I purchased these Crayola toys for my twins. They are a triangle tablet which has a triangle writing pen attached to a string. The writing pen has to be filled with water. My twins, drink the water out of this writing pen all the time. It really irritates me. They always want me to draw STARS OR MOONS on the tablet for them.

Well, after a couple months, this toy no longer works. I wish toys were actually made to last the life of a toddler. Crayola products for toddlers are cool, but if they charge $5.99 per tablet and they only last two months, this is a bad toy for one, and two, something that needs to be reworked to last longer, IMO.

TwiceBabies and Washing Hands

Oh goodness, when it comes to my twins using the bathroom, they now have a fascination with washing their hands and getting all WET!! They even wash their hands under hot water. The water gets all over the counter and they put the hand wash towel in the basin.

My twins think the bathroom and basin it is FUN and a place to PLAY. I do not agree as they will fall and smack their chin on the porcelain and really hurt themselves. But do they know this fact? NO!!!!

So, I have decided that they are not really ready to be potty trained and I have decided to just change their diapers on their changing table or bed, again.

Potty training two babies is a challenge to say the least....especially when Mommy does all or most of the training...which should be the case....right??

TwiceBabies are the Cashew Queens!

You read and heard me right, they love cashews. You see, their Daddy also loves cashews and therefore, all things their Daddy likes, they like as well.

It is the funniest thing too because I have never seen babies, or toddlers, who liked to eat nuts. Well, cashews are actually part of a fruit tree. It is I guess, called the accessory fruit or false fruit. Go figure.

Whatever it is called, my whole family likes, no loves, cashews.

I would rather give my twins all natural cashew though. The ones we purchase are usually filled with salt.

God Bless Babies who like eating cashews and are not allergic to them!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

TwiceBabies Go On Drive With Daddy!

Today, we did not go to church as I still have a bad cold. Two weeks now. But, I do think I am getting better. Just not 100% yet.

So, this afternoon, Daddy took the girls for a drive and while on their drive, they fell asleep! Oh, I love when they fall asleep while driving. This means, I can not stop for fear they will wake up and get all fussy. Well, this happened to Daddy today. He had stopped at a stoplight. It, of course, had turned red. This is when Twin "B" woke up fussy. For some reason, the feel of the motor, not being idled, makes them fall asleep fast and stay asleep.

You see, when my twins were infants, I never took them for a drive. Go figure!

Anyway, we all pretty much stayed home, for the most part. When they were all out, Daddy called Mommy, that is me, and asked that I blow up their new pool. So, I blew it up, not with my own mouth mind you. But with an air pump.

When they got home, they wanted to stay in the car. They love playing in the front seat. But, it was so hot, we had to force them out of the car, KICKING and SCREAMING!

Then, once they were both in the house, they ate some cereal and I got them in their bathing suits to get in the pool. They are not so interested in the pool right now. This is the only time they can actually play in the pool, warm weather, and yet, they are not fans of the pool. Go Figure!

So, that was our day.....


Saturday, June 21, 2008

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TwiceBabies and Mommy Stay Indoors....AGAIN!!

My goodness, it was another hot day, at 102, with humidity on top of that. Then, the skies were filled with white and grey clouds. The clouds were turning the skies dark in some places. It was kinda creepy. The wind is blowing, but it is not taking the heat away.

So, we stayed indoors, watching their cable shows and playing with their toys which have balls in them. My twins, as you may already know, have an obsession with balls. So, they played with their ball toys and looked at their books.

Mommy, that is me, on the other hand, tried to stay away from them because I still have a cold. For two weeks now!!!! I rarely, if ever, catch a cold. But, it looks like I have had a cold 2x this year. I am hoping the homeopathic remedies I purchased from 1-800-Homeopathy begin to work on my mucus build up and sore throat. When all you pay is $7.95 for 500 tabs, it has to work better than OTC or prescription drugs. Anything that is not considered a drug, is something I am willing to try and condone using. If my God made these flowers and plants, there is definitely a medicinal use for them. Saving money on doctors and drugs is what I am all about. Amen!!

Anyway, the witching hour was coming upon me and my twins, good thing Daddy came home. He took them out for a while. I think he went to see about getting a membership to this one wilderness place in our city where we can have fun with our girls year round. We will need to get our girls something to place over their bodies for buoyancy if we go into the water. It should not cost too much per month or annually.

God Bless Daddy and our Twins who love Daddy!!

TwiceBabies, Daddy and Mommy go to Costco

Today, we had to go to Costco. We were out of diapers and baby wipes. Along with getting these essential items, we got more stamps, vitamin waters, iced teas, tri tip, carne asada and tamales for me.

Let's see, what else did we get....some snacks....oh, we forgot to get those hydrated apples!!! Those would have made a delicious snack for the girls and Mommy.

When we strolled into Costco, like always, we had the girls in separate carts. They usually like it that way. But, both babies wanted Daddy to 'hold', stroll, with them. Like I have stated several times before, when Daddy comes home, it is "Bye, Bye Mommy!". They want their Daddy time!! So, we 86'd one cart and but both babies in one cart, that way, Daddy could stroll both of them.

But then, get this, by babies wanted to see Mommy...again, like I have stated before, my twins, they have a Jekyll and Hyde mentality.

Once at the checkout counter, they were screaming, with happiness, of course. Everyone was looking at us....They do this often...They want their voices to be heard darn it!!

Silly Babies on Shopping Sprees!!!

God Bless Vocal Babies!

TwiceBabies and Mommy Stay Indoors Today

Wow, it was a scorcher today in my city. It was 103!! Yeah, there was no way I was taking my girls and me outdoors today.

I had planned on taking them to our play date at the park, but when I woke up this morning, I knew it would be at hot one.

So, all day, we watched their learning shows and I read books to them. Another reason we did not go to the park was my cold. I, and my girls, still have a sore throat and my sinuses are just out of control. Mucus so thick....both nostrils are filled with it. Makes Mommy not a happy camper to say the least. It is not easy to have fun when Mommy is not well.

Hopefully, this weekend, the weather will cool down a little bit, down to the 90's would be nice.

God Bless cool indoor day!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

TwiceBabies and their little game

There is this one thing that my Mother in Law used to do with my twins on her lap. She would hold their hands and they will fall back without hitting the carpet. My twins love this and so every now and then, I do this with them too.

In fact, today, I did it with them a lot. They have a name for it, which I will not say (it is real cute), but every time I do this little game with them, I have to say what I am doing. My goodness, my twins just love it and a big grin appears across their face every time they come up and see me singing that little song to them.

Such precious babies....indeed....

God Bless silly babies..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Renuzit TriScents Smells Lovely!

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Once I downloaded the coupon from, I went to purchase my own TriScents and have used it ever sense. Ther is nothing else like it. Candles burn out too quickly, but the TriScents electic scented oil freshner lasts longer than candles and does not melt. Right now, I have my TriScents in one of my living room outlets and the scents are amazing.


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Sponsored by Renuzit TriScents

TwiceBabies and Mommy Go To Park

After Ma Ti Ma brought my twins home, I was, as always, putting the car seats back in my SUV. Well, my twins were climbing into my SUV, wanting to go somewhere else.

So, instead of us staying home, we went to another park near my home. The aerial spraying had stopped at that point, thank goodness. Well, we played at this particular park, near our Outlet Mall, for probably an hour or less. It was still hot, and humid, outside so I did not want to stay very long.

There were a couple of families with their children at the park and around 5ish, we all seemed to leave at the same time. I am assuming that was their dinner time too.

God Bless all the cool parks in my city!

TwiceBabies and 1st Impressions Shows

There is this show my twins like to watch from a children's company called 1st Impressions. My twins watch their shows, from DVD, on Comcast Cable. There is this one show titled Animals 1 which they love because there is a segment of puppies and of course, KeeKees. There is one KeeKee that MEOWs and Twin "B" loves it. She smiles and says, "Again!". So, I have to rewind the DVD until it goes to the Gorilla segment, which then goes to the puppy and KeeKee segment my twins love so much.

Any DVD is seems, or show, that has KeeKees in it, my twins, of course, love and will watch over and over and over again.

Silly Babies...even though the love KeeKees, it can drive you crazy watching it over and over and over and over again...

God Bless Babies who love KeeKee's.

TwiceBabies Go with Ma Ti Ma Today!

Oh, I am so glad they went with Ma Ti Ma. I am still not feeling well. My nose is stuffy, full of mucus that will not go away and I have a cough that I am not too happy about.

I feel tired and just need some rest.

I ordered some homeopathic remedies for myself, my husband and my girls two days ago. It should take 7-10 days for those remedies to arrive. I really prefer taking homeopathic remedies than OTC or doctor prescribed medications. I am not a fan on conventional methods these days as I know they contain chemicals. like aspartame, that eat at our brain cells.

Anyway, they went to the mall to play in that play area in front of three major stores in our mall. I hope they have fun. They needed to get out, without playing outside. I saw some chem trails over my home today. That means there was aerial spraying of harmful chemicals for myself and my family. This is never a good thing to have fall on you or your property.

But, that is a whole different topic entirely altogether.

This is about my twins and how they have so much energy, they need to get out and play. It is a good thing they have Ma Ti Ma to play with. She acts just like them and I think she is in her 40s. She dresses like a young person, which is good. I think both her children are in their twenties.

We are supposed to be changing our day from today to Wednesday's. Wednesday is supposed to be a better day for Ma Ti Ma. Any day works fine for me.

Praise the Lord for Babysitters!!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TwiceBabies Go To GaGa's Home

This afternoon when we woke up around 3:30, my TwiceBabies put on their sandals and TwiceBaby "B" brought Mommy her shoes. I guess they wanted to 'go out'.

So, I picked up the phone and called GaGa. I asked if she was doing anything. She had just returned from the grocery store. I asked if we could come over, she said sure. I said we would be over in 10-15 minutes.

I asked my TwiceBabies, "Do you want to go for drive?" I did not dare say we are going to GaGa's as I would never hear the end of it. You know, they have a fascination for repetition. That totally makes Mommy go crazy.

As we were driving to her home, down a major road to her home, my Twins already knew we were going to GaGa's home. Amazing how they are so perceptive and recall streets for crying out loud.

While at GaGa's we played indoors for a while, then, my twins kicked off their shoes, literally and wanted to go 'outside'. I kept saying, "It is hot outside, let's stay indoors." But alas, we all went outdoors, on the patio for a while, then my twins made their way to the back of the yard where the garden is. They just had to step in the flowers and greenery where spiders and other yucky creepy, crawlies like to hide.

After a while, we went indoors and we played a bit longer. They were getting out of control, so after their diapers were changed, we heard PaPa come in. Well, my twins went crazy to see PaPa who had just returned from golfing.

Finally, Mommy, that is me, decided it was time to go home to see Daddy,even though I knew he was still working. I just wanted to leave because PaPa and GaGa were going to make dinner.

Silly babies, they are full of plenty of energy to go around.

God Bless my TwiceBabies who are Healthy and Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TwiceBabies Sleeping Better

Daddy says he knows when his TwiceBabies are feeling better because they are playing in their bedroom. When our twins are laughing and talking to each other, they are more likely than not, feeling better and not ready to fall asleep, yet.

Tonight, they were laughing and playing in their room, after Daddy read them their Goodnight books, which they love.

Sometimes, our TwiceBabies, will turn on their nightlight and just lay on their bed, next to each other, and talk. That is so funny because it reminds me of when my sister and I used to come home from working, when we were in college, and just sit on either her bed or my bed and just chit chat about or day. I miss those days. My sister and I still real close, even though we live 650 miles away.

Too bad we do not live closer to each other. I miss not being able to see my nephews grow up and watch her children when she needs a break.

God Bless TwiceBabies, Nephews and My Sweet Sister!!

TwiceBabies are Feeling Better

Daddy and Mommy, that is me, are still giving our twins Tygon to ease their teething pain. Thank goodness their low-grade fever is gone and no diarrhea.

It is a good thing I am no longer teething or getting my second pair of teeth in. Right when my twins begin to get first compete set of teeth, they will fall out and they will be getting a whole new set. But, that will not be until they are, what 7-10 years old?

My twins are very healthy, that is why I knew their fever was teething related. When they open their mouths, I can still see some exposed gum in the back of their mouths. So, I am assuming they have yet to get their final molars in.

Who really knows how long it will take for them to come in..

God Bless Teething Babies!!

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TwiceBabies and the new "Unerwear"

As I mentioned in my last post, my TwiceBabies and I went to Tar'get today and purchased some Hello Kitty 'unerwear'.

Well, they, of course, loved the kitty on their 'unerwear' and wanted to wear them right away. After our naps, I helped them put on their 'unerwear' and within a couple minutes, TwiceBaby "B" had peed through them. You see, TwiceBaby "A" was on the toilet, she said she had to go pee, but it turns out TwiceBaby "B" had to really go pee, and pee she did, right through her new pair of 'unerwear'. So, I had to clean up the pee, wash out the 'unerwear' and dry them. I put on a new pair of 'unerwear' and she them let me really know when she had to go.

As for TwiceBaby "A", she never went pee on the toilet. But, when she and her sister were watching one of their shows, right there, in front of the TV, she peed!! She did not even warn Mommy. So, I had to clean her new 'unerwear, dry them and put a diaper on her.

Then, I used the kitty pee pee cleaner I get from PetSmart. That has a nice smell to it and cleans up even baby pee pee messes.

For now, it looks like my TwiceBabies will need to stay in diapers. They, for some reason, think it is alright to pee pee in their 'unerwear'.

God Bless TwiceBabies who pee pee in their 'unerwear'.

TwiceBabies at Target

Today, I asked my twins if they wanted to go for a 'ride'. When I ask them this way, they will not be repeating themselves over and over and over and over again about something or somewhere we will be going.

So, this morning, around 11:20, I packed my girls in our SUV and we drove to Tar'get. My main purpose for being at Tar'get was to get them each a pack of 'unerwear'. I also purchased me some products and a new plastic pool. The one I only purchased late week, the bottom ring had a punctured hole in it.

Once home, my twins were opening up their 'unerwear' packages. But, it was time for our nap. Once we woke up, I put their 'unerwear' on.

That is a whole different story....

God Bless Twins and "Unerwear".

Monday, June 16, 2008

TwiceBabies and their Friends

Today, my very sweet friend helped me out today. She came over to my home for about 20 minutes to allow me to take a package to The UPS Store. I had to get it to my Mom before this weekend. It took me no time at all to get the package sent and they offered, free, $100.00 insurance coverage. That is cool.

From there, since I had my shoes in the passenger side of my car, I drove to the shoe repair shop and asked if they could fix them. They said, "Well, we will see what we can do." I hope that means they can. I need to wear them to the wedding next month. The shoes are 11 years old and have been worn several times since then. They are not in bad shape, really. The sole just needs to be reattached as the glue has come off.

The shoes should be ready by Thursday...hopefully the guy can fix them. I really do not want to purchase a new pair of shoes.

God Bless friends who help!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

TwiceBabies and the Graduation Party

Later during the day, we all went to my husband's niece's graduation party at a local restaurant. She had graduated from Davis and all the family were celebrating with her. The celebration began at 3PM, but did not actually begin until 3:15-3:20ish.

Anyway, there were about 30 people there, only a handful of whom I knew.

Our twins were all over the place and they would not sit still.

This was the perfect test case for why we are not taking them with us to my cousins wedding next month. Two year olds just do not sit still and they whine and they fuss and the do this and they do that. It may be worse when there are two. Two girls who fight over the same thing and want the same thing.

Yeah, I am glad I got to see how they act at this graduation party, than how they would have acted at my cousin's wedding. That would not have been fun for me or the guests.

God Bless Babysitters!!

TwiceBabies at the Mall

Sunday morning, we all went to the mall. My husband wanted to look for some new work pants, which he did not find. But, instead, he purchased some shorts from Sears and two T and jeans from Old Navy.

After his purchases, we strolled our twins down to the carousel. We each took a baby and placed her on a KeeKee to ride on. Twin "A" loved it and Twin "B" wanted off after a while. I think it made her dizzy.

Anyway, that was our morning and I guess they had a good time.

In the past, Twin "B" did not like the carousel, but today, she seemed to like it.

God Bless our Sweet Twins!!




My Mom and Dad have been married for 40 years. When my parents went to dinner on their anniversary, the waitress asked them how they did it. My Mom simply said, "Jesus". They could not and still could not stay together without Jesus in their lives and guiding them everyday.

I have to agree with my Mom and Dad wholeheartedly. Jesus is the only way we could stay together. He makes staying married possible.

Praise you Jesus for my Mom and Dad and their marriage still going on this strong.

Friday, June 13, 2008

TwiceBabies at the Park

This morning, I drove my twins to one of our favorite parks. Today was our play date with our church friends. Just like last week, only the two of us showed up. It was a bit hot outside and since this is summer, a lot on Mommy's are taking their children to probably cooler places to play.

Maybe next week, we can go to Go Banana's where it will be a little bit cooler indoors.

So, today my twins played with two of their boy friends in the sandbox, went down the slides and we sat on the teeter totter. Well, both my twins got on each end, and I pushed one end up, as the other end, went down......

Then, my friend and I just sat around, talking about stuff and how time flies by so fast.....One minute, our babies are, well, infant, babies, then the next, they are walking, running and talking all the time...I also said how nice it is to go to the park with friends because there is less stress on me and having to watch my girls the whole entire time.

A little bit after 12:15, we all went home and did whatever it is we do with the rest of the day.

God Bless TwiceBabies who have LOTS of energy!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

TwiceBabies off to PapaGaGa's Home

Today is the day my TwiceBabies go to PaPaGaGa's home. Daddy just came home probably forty minutes ago, and just left five minutes ago. It is nice when they leave, again, and let Mommy get some more alone time.

It really is rare I get some alone time.

Last night, because Ma Ti Ma did not come over as we had talked about, my hubby actually came home early from work and let me get out for a while. So, I went to Starbucks, Longs Drugs, Michael's and Bed Bath and Beyond. I actually had things to do here and it was not just to get out of the house.

Anyway, right now, my TwiceBabies are with Daddy, playing and having fun at PaPaGaGa's home.

God Bless Grandparents who once in a while play with their grand babies....

TwiceBabies, Ma Ti Ma and Elizabeth

Today, Ma Ti Ma came to my home. For some reason, I still am not sure yet, we are still conflicting on which day is best for her to come over and babysit her little Nina's for two hours.

Anyway, today she came over with her friend Elizabeth and together, they took our twins to McD's to play in the play place, then over to our local park. The park was hot, so I am sure my twins did not play on the equipment. So, instead, Ma Ti Ma and Elizabeth played with them under a shady tree.

Well, when they got home, I could see Twin "B" was trying to go to the bathroom. She certainly was as I could smell it and see it. Remember, my twins are still teething. This means, they are still having yucky BM's, fussiness and low grade fever's. Today, both my twins had the first in this line of teething issues.

Oh, it was so gross, instead of changing her diaper in her room, I turned on the shower and hosed her down. But the most disgusting thing was me, ralphing in the tub. Oh goodness, I could not hold back, it smelled so disgusting and well.....I will not gross you out anymore.

Oh yes, the joys of having toddlers, still teething....

God Bless Twin Toddlers, Who Still Teeth, even with all the teething issues.....

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

TwiceBabies and Fun with Mommy

Well, today, Ma Ti Ma was supposed to come over as we changed from Thursday to Wednesday. But, she must have forgotten and once my TwiceBabies and Mommy woke up at 3:20, I decided not to call her.

So, my TwiceBabies and Mommy had a good day, playing, reading and doing whatever. They did not want to go outside for some reason.

Oh, my TwiceBabies bodies were not so warm, or hot, today, like they were Tuesday. I did give them a little bit of Tygon when they work up because they did feel a little warm. But, that could have been from their bedroom door being closed, slightly.

So, for the rest of the day, when we woke up, we all just played in the family room, watched their favorite shows and I read all their favorite books to them.

My TwiceBabies show so much enthusiasm when I read to them. Their facial expressions and them mimicking my every word, as I read, is just precious. It shows Mommy they are thriving and wanting to be

God Bless my Healthy TwiceBabies!!

TwiceBabies love to say, "Kiss It!"

It does not matter what kind of boo boo my TwiceBabies have on their body, they will always say, "Kiss It". It is just the cutest thing to hear and see. My TwiceBabies will bump their elbow against a soft part of the couch or on the carpet, and I can hear them saying, "Kiss It", from across the room as they run, not walk, run, over to see Mommy for my healing kisses.

My goodness, you have got to just love sweet Babies like this. My twins are just so precious.

Thank you Lord Jesus for my sweet TwiceBabies...

God Bless their healthy minds and bodies....

TwiceBabies are Sleeping Well, so far....

Well, after their long and feverish day, it seems and sounds like my twins are sleeping well.

I do hear TwiceBaby "A" kicking the wall, but she does this all the time. I am sure they will be waking up soon, crying and wanting to see Daddy, Susine and get a diaper change. They might be hungry too as they did not have much to eat today.

I guess nobody wants to eat when they do not feel well, even twin two and a half year olds.

Praise the Lord for my twins and I pray for their full recovery and healing. It is never fun for a toddler to be sick or hot.

God Bless My Sweet TwiceBabies!!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

TwiceBabies and their day of Fevers

Last night, when TwiceBaby "A" woke up, she was hot. For one, she was wearing long john style PJ's, like her sister and two, their room was warm.

So, Daddy and I gave her a little bit of Tygon. This began to work after a while and she fell back to sleep; along with her sister.

The morning, TwiceBaby "A" still felt warm, so I took her temp, and her sisters, and it read in the low 100's. This is not really a fever, as a fever usually is 104 and higher.

After our nap this afternoon, both my twins were warm and I began to think, this might be from them still teething. Their molars, way in the back of their mouth, still have not come in yet. I can tell because I still see some gum showing in both their mouths.

Since my twins were still warm, I gave them a cool/warm bath to cool their bodies down. It worked for a while, then sometime after 2:30-3:30, TwiceBaby "B" became real warm, her left ear read 103.6 and her right ear read 102.1. This still is not a high fever.

So, I went out to Wal Mart and got some more teething tabs and Tygon for multi-symptoms.
When I came home, the Tygon had begun to kick in and they were much better and much cooler. I also ended up not going to Bible Study (Revelation), to stay home with my sweets and help my hubby out).

Oh, my sweet babies, I laid down with them as they were getting sleeping, I think, from the Tygon, and their bodies were just so hot. I offered them something cool to drink and they declined. I hate seeing my babies sick when there is only so much I can do.

I can so though, a fever is a sign that their bodies are fighting off an infection, and that is one good think about a fever. Their infection, that I can only see is their molar teeth still trying to push through the gums.

God Bless Sweet Babies Who Do Not Feel Good.

TwiceBabies Woke Up...Wanting Tygon and to see Susine...

It was around the middle of the night, when as I am cleaning sippy cups, what do I hear, but a baby cry in the rear of my home. I think to myself, "Self, it sounds like TwiceBaby "A", with her high pitched cry for...something..."

Being a caring and good Mommy, I leave the kitchen and walk down the other end of our home, open my TwiceBabies bedroom door, and there she is, TwiceBaby "A", standing at the door, wanting....something.....

I sit down and hold her tight, with her crying carrying on in my left ear, then right behind her is TwiceBaby "B", rubbing her eyes and crying too, but not too loud and like her sister, wanting....something.....

So, I ask, "Do you want some Tygon"? It looked like TwiceBabies "As" teeth were hurting. With nothing being said, I walked back to the kitchen and got some Tygon for my sweeties.

It seems, at that moment, TwiceBaby "A" did not want Tygon, but Daddy. She refused to take Mommy's help, but TwiceBaby "B" drank the Tygon, while sitting on Daddy's lap.

Then, Daddy came in the house, saw TwiceBaby "A" did need....something....a diaper change.

So, after the second request for diapers, I went into the garage and came back with diapers for our babies. After TwiceBaby "A" had a fresh diaper, TwiceBaby "A" all of a sudden, wanted Mommy to hold, hold, hold her, which I did, while letting her play with Sunsine as her sister did before her.

Silly babies....what do you do....two year olds, they really do have Jekyll and Hyde personalities...

I think this is a curse for all parents.....what goes around, comes around.....or something like that...

God Bless all the Mommies and Daddies with Two Year Olds!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

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When it comes time to look for new furniture for your pride and joy, your home, there is no better place to look at than bed at 9:20....

Daddy laid down with them for probably no longer than 20 minutes. Of course, they got up several times to throw their sippy cups outside in the hallway.

And, of course,they had to kiss the KeeKee's on the pull chain again, like they do every night.

But lo and behold,they are actually calm right now. I hear no fuss, no buss....

Let's see how long this lasts...

God Willing, they will just...fall....asleep!!

TwiceBabies and the Mall Play Place

After our Tar'get excursion, I took my twins into the mall, yes using the Tar'get shopping cart, (this do not condone doing as it makes the mall look trashy) to let them play in the play place. The only reason I used the Tar'get shopping cart was because I just did not want to take out my stroller for my car today, bad Mommy!!! Well, this I will not do again.

Once in the mall, in front of JCPenney, my twins played in the play place for about 30 minutes. Then, I wanted to go home, so I made the same reason again, "Let's go get your cousin a gift". This seemed to work because they did not resist Mommy.

After my twins were in the Tar'get shopping cart, we left Tar'get and went out to my car and went home.

Once home, thank goodness, Daddy was not home to disrupt our twins late, 2:30, nap time. We all slept until 4:40, got into our swim suits and played in the backyard, under our huge tree and in our infant/toddler pool with sprinklers.

God Bless Babies who sleep and are not disrupted by Daddy coming home for lunch!

TwiceBabies and our Local Park

This morning, without telling them anything beforehand, I got them dressed and shoes on. Then, I got my twins in our SUV and drove to our local park. Well, let me just say, in my city, if you decide to take your tots to the park between 11:30 on, the swings will be HOT and so will the slides.

So, Mommy, that would be, decided to drive to our local Tar'get and get their first nephew a graduation gift card for kindergarten. While there, I got them a cute floral T and some more chip clips.

Then, I got Mommy a Starbucks Chocolate Frapp, which I shared with my twins. When I found a place for us to sit, we shared the drink for a while, then got us a personal cheese pizza. Which they did eat, and some fell to the ground.

That was fun as my twins were actually obeying Mommy. When kids would run into Tar'get, my girls would say, "No Running!" That is because Mommy, that is me, are always asking them not to run in the house or when wet on our patio outside.

Silly Babies....

God Bless My Babies Who Retain Much!!

TwiceBabies.....And The Crying Game....

Every morning, like clockwork (orange), TwiceBaby "A", more than "B", will cry hysterically when Daddy takes a shower and has to go to work. This is getting so disgusting I can no longer take it.

And, every morning, Daddy has to tell TwiceBaby "A", he has to go to work. I wish she would get over this phase...TwiceBaby "B" does much better, at times, with Daddy leaving for work. Now, I only wish he would eat lunch at his office or a fast food restaurant, instead of coming home. When he comes home for lunch, this is when, all H E (double hockey sticks) breaks loose.

Oh yeah, it starts all over again and both twins refuse to sleep. TwiceBaby "A" again, has her temper tantrums. Not so much with TwiceBaby "B".

Daddy only comes home for lunch because his Dad has always done this. But, I am sure my hubby never went ballistic like our twins do. I only wish he would "get it" and stop coming home for lunch, otherwise, he and I will always have to deal with these pathetic temper tantrums that I can not stand.

God Bless Babies who will forever and a day have these pathetic temper tantrums....

Sunday, June 8, 2008

TwiceBabies Play in Pool Today

The weather warm today, so, I blew up our new pool and added water to it. The water, of course, was cold, so we added several buckets of warm water to take the chill away.

Then, I put sunscreen on my twins and put them in this cure bathing suit their GG Fiddner sent them two weeks ago.

Let's see, they played in the pool, we added toys from their bath to the pool and they played with their buckets.

The weather was so warm, it got into the 90's, that they would sit on the side of the pool and fall into the pool.

My twins, they are so much fun, and yet drive Mommy crazy! They were fighting for toys, pushing each other off the pool, into the water, pulling hair and you name it, they were doing it.

Well, at least they were outside playing in the pool, and not indoors, watching TV (YUCK).

God Bless Sweet/Not-So Sweet, Twicebabies!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

TwiceBabies Go To The Park

After our Trader Joe's outing, we went to another local park. It was not all that, I think. There are other parks in our city that offer more entertainment for toddlers.

Anyway, at least they were able to release some of that energy.

There are so many parks in our city, they are mainly in housing subdivisions, that we usually
find. There are two big parks on major streets that everyone can frequent.

When we got home, like clockwork, Twin "A" wanted to watch Hi-5 and we said after nap time. This is when she went ballistic and began her temper tantrum, falling on the floor and screaming to the top of her lungs. She did this for about 5 minutes, then finally, she got on the bed and nicely laid next to Mommy. Then we were able to sleep for at least an hour and a half.

Goodness gracious!! Two year old Twins are just a hoot!!

God Bless TwiceBabies who are Two point Five Years Old!!

TwiceBabies Go Through Car Wash

Once we began driving home from Trader Joe's we had to stop and get some gas in our car. Once we were gassed up, we went through the car wash.

Well, Twin "B" loved it and had fun going through it.

On the other hand, Twin "A" began whining and getting scared. Go figure. I think Daddy said Twin "A" did this last time they went through the car wash together.

All I can say is, our car is now gassed up and looks clean again.

Hurray for car washes and BOO for HIGH Gas Prices....Somebody in America is getting screwed. Is it you and me? Take an educated guess.

God Bless Sweet Babies, even those who are scared of the car wash.

TwiceBabies Go To Trader Joe's

This morning, once we were all up and dressed, we took a drive to Trader Joe's for some yummy foods and drinks.

Let's see, we got some health food bars, I got lots of personal hygiene products, cereal boxes, three boxes of graham crackers and some cool cookies I saw above the frozen food section.

I think this Trader Joe's took my advice and finally started giving balloons out to children. I say this because for the first time ever, we were able to ask for a balloon each for our twins. As I am sure you already know, my twins are obsessed with balloons.

And, like any other place we go, our twins were ooh and awed over, which does not surprise me. I am used to it by now.

I only wish we could get a Trader Joe's in my city. Now that the Linens N Things is closed in my city do to a bankruptcy, a Trader Joe's would be a great addition. There is loads of parking and the place is huge!! They could even add a mini cafe!

God Bless TwiceBabies and Trader Joe's!!

TwiceBabies and our Saturday

Today,we plan to take a walk to the park. That is if the weather permits us. Like I stated once before, I very much dislike weather below 80 degrees and those gale force winds. I mean, really, who likes yucky weather?

My twins would play outside in any weather, but if Mommy does not like it, no body likes it.

At the park yesterday, I had applied sunscreen on all of us, and yet, both TwiceBabies got red. TwiceBaby "B" on the back of her neck, Mommy and TwiceBaby "A" on our arms.

I think I applied the sunscreen a little too late.

I need to be more organized and 'with it' when it comes to taking my sweeties anywhere. I never seem to play ahead. My Mom always planned ahead before we went to the beach. The night before, she would get our car filled up with towels, sunscreen, umbrella and in the morning, we would fix our PJ&B's and Ritz PB Crackers.

The only thing was, I was not 'planning' per se to go to the park. It really was a last minute idea.

Oh well, after their bath Mommy put some cold Aloe Vera on TwiceBaby "B" and "A's" neck and arms, respectively.

God Bless nice warm days, even if we get burned a bit.

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The best part about purchasing all your fish and fish products from ReefHotSpot is they offer free shipping for purchases over $225. Plus 14 days live fish, guaranteed.

TwiceBaby "B" and the All About Me Book

We have this one book, "All About Me". This is a flap book where Mommy or baby lifts the flaps up to see the next page or response from the babies in the book.

Well, both my twins love this book, but yesterday, TwiceBaby "B"and I were sitting on the couch reading this book and we were both doing the hand motions together. When we got to the end of the book, the baby is hugging the teddy bear and finally Mommy.

TwiceBaby "B" loves doing the hugging Mommy part of the book now. She loves being able to hug Mommy and give me her cute little sigh. She smiles so sweetly and hugs Mommy with such enthusiasm. I love it too, of course. I love being hugged by my twins.

Recently, my twins and I have been reading more books again. We had taken a hiatus for a while. I guess there were just other things for us to do.

God Bless reading TwiceBabies!!

TwiceBaby "A" and Owees

My sweet TwiceBaby "A", she just does not like owees. She is like Mommy in that even if she hears about her boo boo, or owee, as Mommy calls it, she freaks out.

Take for instance this afternoon, she had lifted up her KeeKee shirt, just a little bit, and I saw a scratch mark on her belly. I said to TwiceBaby "A", "What happened to you honey? That looks like it hurts." Well, as soon as I said that, she freaks out and begins walking backwards, away from me. I was going to put some Neosporin on it, but before I did that, I washed my hands and got a warm washcloth to clean the area. Then, I added Neosporin to the scratch.

But wait a minute, before I added Neorsporin to her wound, she begins, again, whining and walking backwards, away from Mommy. She does not like even hearing she has an owee or boo boo. I guess the words alone scare her because there is nothing she can do to fix it.

TwiceBaby "B" is just the same, whines, sometimes cries (like TwiceBaby "A"), and walks backwards, away from Mommy.

Silly TwiceBabies....

God Bless my sweetie pies!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

TwiceBabies fell asleep nicely tonight

It is amazing, but my twins fell asleep quiet nicely tonight. There was no struggle, no fuss, no buss. It always makes Mommy proud when they can just do something, without resisting. I am guessing it is because they had a very nice morning/afternoon with Mommy at the park.

I had so much fun with them today that I will need to take them to the park more often. I mean, they actually listened to Mommy and we just had an all around good time.

I love seeing my twins have fun and play.

But, what I like best is seeing them fall asleep, like sweet angels from being so exhausted from their oh so busy day.

God Bless awesome local parks and my twins who love playing!!

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TwiceBabies and Our Morning/Afternoon at our Local Park

This morning, my girlfriend from church called to see if I was going to the park. I said no because it looked too windy. But, as the morning worn on, and it was close to 10:00AM, I decided to put my twins socks and shoes on, and, without telling them where we were going, plowed into our SUV and drove to our local park.

Once at the park, I called my friend, who after doing something with her two boys, was going to meet us at the park.

Well, we had a great time. The wind was more of a breeze than a gale wind. Thank goodness.

The sun was out. In fact, I had to put sunblock on my twins and myself because I could tell they were getting a bit red.

My twins had a blast at the park. They played on the toddler and older kids play equipment, and played with their church friends as well.

There is this rope that crosses from one side to the other side of a climbing thingy. Well, both of my twins just loved it. They wanted Mommy to help them get up on the rope and help them get across. I did help them, but with the other BIG kids, I had to ask them to hold on to one side of the ropes so the BIG kids could get across by placing their feet into the square ropes on one side of the BIG rope.

Anyway, they had a blast. After we left, we went to Wal Mart to get some more waters, baby wipes, sunblock and sippy cups.

When we got home, Twin A went ballistic because she wanted to see Hi-5 and be with Daddy. Twin B was good and was actually sweet with Mommy. We both laid on the bed together and she just loved and kissed Mommy. She really loved hugging me which I thought was so precious. While Twin B and Mommy were being lovey dovey together, Twin A was throwing a temper tantrum on the carpet.

After about 10 minutes, she finally calmed down and crawled up to the bed and we all fell asleep, until 4:20PM.

God Bless Sweet Babies, even one, Who Sometimes Have Temper Tantrums.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

TwiceBabies are 2 Years and 7 Months Old Today!!

Yeah!! It is always unbelivable how fast my twins are growing and developing.

Let's see, within the past couple of weeks, both Twins B and A, respectively, have begun using the potty. They have been using the potty for 1 and 2. If you know what I mean.

My twins are wanting to read more, and are learning more and more information around them from watching their educational and very informative Comcast Cable On Demand shows from Brainy Baby, Baby Genius, Discovery Kids and many other shows.

My twins are never still and always want to play. They are also beginning to eat on their own more. I only wish they would eat more table food.

Oh well, with all these accomplishments, who can complain about their eating likes and dislikes.

God Bless Healthy and Very Bright Twin Babies!

TwiceBabies and Ma Ti Ma

Just like every Thursday, Ma Ti Ma came to our home to watch TwiceBabies "A and B". And, just like always, TwiceBabies "A and B" begin their crying. I still do not get it. They love her and love playing with her.

Once Daddy left, they were fine though.

Today, they were going to McD's to play in the play place, then go to the park. They just love the park and that is a great place to get all that extra energy out.

I think we will be changing her babysitting date to Wednesday as she has to go to her next job right after her babysitting TwiceBabies "A and B".

God Bless Ma Ti Ma and all the energy she has....she is just like her Nina's!!!

TwiceBabies and GaGa's Birthday

Today is GaGa's birthday. Happy Birthday GaGa!

The family will all be going to Auntie JuJu's home for dinner, cake and ice cream tonight.
And, of course we purchased a gift for GaGa. I made GaGa a birthday card with some photos of the girls in it for her.

Hope she likes the card. I personally made it for her.

God Bless birthdays and TwiceBabies!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TwiceBabies, Tuesday Morning and Osh Kosh B'Gosh

Well, today did not start off so well, my twins were so whiny, TwiceBaby "B" in particular. We were getting our dishwasher installed, so my hubby came back home to help the handy man out. All she wanted to do was have Daddy hold her and play with her. I had to put her in her room and have a talk with her. We laid on the bed and I rubbed her head and told her to calm down. Then, she sat on my lap and we talked and played together. After that, we went out to the laundry room, found Daddy with Twin "A" and then we all went into the family room to watch their favorite shows.

After that morning fun, I got the girls into our car and we went to the outlet mall. The store, Tuesday Morning opened up there. So, I got them a KeeKee, I got me some new kitchen towels and a set of three diffusers. Then, we strolled to Osh Kosh and I got them three new T's.

Once all that was done, we went home, they ate lunch then we took a nap until I think 3:45. After our nap, we got up, watched some of their shows and then Daddy came home around 5:30ish.

That was one busy day, indeed.

God Bless our Babies...

TwiceBabies Love to Kiss, Hug Porcelin KeeKees on Fan Pull Chain

My girls, they are so obsessed with anything KeeKee that they just have to KISS the KeeKee's, that look like our KeeKee's, on the fan pull chain in their room.

They must kiss the KeeKee's every morning, noon and night, just to make them happy, happy, joy, joy!

My goodness, I have never seen two babies who love cats more than my girls. Even when our KeeKee scratches them, they still love her and want all things KeeKee.

Silly Babies!!

God Bless Sweet, Little Babies!!

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TwiceBabies and Their Own Language

If you have twins, then you know they have their own language. This language, at least for me, began when they were infants, in their crib(s).

As of late, our twins have begun really using their own language to communicate. It is the strangest thing, but I am sure something all twin babies and toddlers do. Especially twins who are still learning to speak our language.

I can be doing something around the house, cleaning or whatever, and my twins will be watching their favorite shows and talking amongst themselves about what they are watching. I have no idea what they are saying, but it seems to make sense to them.

Although, their language skills are getting so much better lately. Hearing their sweet, little voices is just so funny and amazing. Well, watching your child grow and develop is a blessing that, to me, should not be taken for granted.

God Bless little Twins who love to learn-----------and TALK!!

TwiceBabies Love Feeding Themselves

Finally, my twins are begging to feed themselves on a regular basis. They actually like sitting in their highchairs, clipping their belts together and using a spoon to feed themselves.

The only catch is, they must have music playing to feed themselves.

I am sure I have talked about this before. It just amazes me that my twins like doing things on their own now. I like seeming them do things without me. For one, it shows they are learning and two, they are learning...As much as my twins like Mommy to 'help' them out, they get a sense of accomplishment when they can do it on their own. They love getting praise and getting Mommy hugs and kisses.

Sweet Babies.....

God Bless my HEALTHY Twins....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

TwiceBaby "A" Goes Number Two in the Potty

Yeah! Twin A finally went number two in the potty. She did this all on her own. I was not even in the bathroom with her. When she was done, she came out to the family room to get me. She wanted to show me what she had done.

Well, Twin A, like Twin B, was very proud of herself for doing this all on her own. I think she was a little nervous with Mommy standing by as she was on the potty.

Now, Twins A and B have used the BIG potty.

This is wonderful because now, we can start purchasing Pull Ups. The sooner our twins are potty trained, for them, not me, the better. My twins do not like being wet or having a big, dirty diaper.

God Bless Twins who want to be potty trained!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

TwiceBabies and Mommy's Morning at the Park

This morning, after we watched some Hi-5, I suggested we go for a walk. So, I put on their leashes-puppy dog and teddy bear- and went for a walk. While walking, we went down the street going towards our park. So, instead of walking home, we carefully, looking both ways, walked across the street to our park.

Once there, my twins were met with an infant and her Mommy. The sweet, little infant was swinging in one of the swings while I hoisted one of my twins up into the other swing. The infant, I will not say her name, was there with her Mommy, Grandma and second cousins.

Well, my twins were gawked over because of their hair. Everyone seems to just love their hair. Well, who could blame them. They hair an auburn with loose curls. People are so sweet when they comment on my twins hair. And, people just love looking at twins, even fraternal twins.

Although, my twins look a lot alike, even for fraternal twins.

After an hour and a half at the park, Mommy went into the library, used the restroom and we began our trek home. I kept asking if their feet were tired, they said no. My twins are such troopers.

Once home, we watched some more Hi-5, then they shimmied up into their highchairs and I gave them each their green beans first to eat, them a fruit.

Then, Daddy came home and they were going crazy. They LOVE their Daddy. Once they calmed down, they finished their lunch and we went off to nap time.

Oh, what a day. We had a blast at the park and my twins actually cooperated with Mommy.

God Bless Babies Who Obey Mommy!

TwiceBabies and Sunday Morning at PapaGaGa's

This last Sunday, our twins spent the morning with their grandparents as Mommy and Daddy had to purchase a new dryer and dishwasher.

Yeah, we skipped church to make these big purchases. But, our twins love being at PapaGaGa's home where they play in the backyard and take rides in their plastic radio flyer.

Oh, and they love to look at the fishes in the pond.

After Daddy and Mommy purchased these much needed items, we went to Costco and got more diapers and other stuff we use on a regular basis.

It is never fun when one or two of your appliances decides to kick the bucket. But, I guess any appliance is not meant to last forever.

God Bless grandparents and new appliances...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

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TwiceBabies Eating More PB&J's

Did I tell you my twins are eating more PB&Js lately? If not, I am now. It is wonderful when they can actually eat something on their own. I love watching them feed themselves. When they feed themselves, it allows me to do other stuff around our home.

Also, it is showing them they can do more stuff on their own. My twins do like doing more and more things on their own.

In fact, Twin "B", as of late, has been saying, "I do it, I do it". So, I will, at times, let her do it on her own.

Silly TwiceBabies, getting better at doing things on their own...

God Bless!!

TwiceBabies Sleeping Like Angels

Normally, around this time, my twins are waking up for a diaper change because they had too much to drink. For some reason, they love milk right now. When they want their "Ba Ba", they never specify what they want in their Ba Ba (sippy cups). They just say, "Ba Ba", Ba Ba".

So, these days, they have been drinking more milk than apple juice.

Anyway, usually around this time of night, or morning,they are waking up for a diaper change. Thank goodness they are still sleeping. I do hear them rolling over and whining, but they have not woken up yet.

Praise God for sleeping Babies!!

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