Saturday, June 7, 2008

TwiceBaby "B" and the All About Me Book

We have this one book, "All About Me". This is a flap book where Mommy or baby lifts the flaps up to see the next page or response from the babies in the book.

Well, both my twins love this book, but yesterday, TwiceBaby "B"and I were sitting on the couch reading this book and we were both doing the hand motions together. When we got to the end of the book, the baby is hugging the teddy bear and finally Mommy.

TwiceBaby "B" loves doing the hugging Mommy part of the book now. She loves being able to hug Mommy and give me her cute little sigh. She smiles so sweetly and hugs Mommy with such enthusiasm. I love it too, of course. I love being hugged by my twins.

Recently, my twins and I have been reading more books again. We had taken a hiatus for a while. I guess there were just other things for us to do.

God Bless reading TwiceBabies!!

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