Saturday, June 7, 2008

TwiceBaby "A" and Owees

My sweet TwiceBaby "A", she just does not like owees. She is like Mommy in that even if she hears about her boo boo, or owee, as Mommy calls it, she freaks out.

Take for instance this afternoon, she had lifted up her KeeKee shirt, just a little bit, and I saw a scratch mark on her belly. I said to TwiceBaby "A", "What happened to you honey? That looks like it hurts." Well, as soon as I said that, she freaks out and begins walking backwards, away from me. I was going to put some Neosporin on it, but before I did that, I washed my hands and got a warm washcloth to clean the area. Then, I added Neosporin to the scratch.

But wait a minute, before I added Neorsporin to her wound, she begins, again, whining and walking backwards, away from Mommy. She does not like even hearing she has an owee or boo boo. I guess the words alone scare her because there is nothing she can do to fix it.

TwiceBaby "B" is just the same, whines, sometimes cries (like TwiceBaby "A"), and walks backwards, away from Mommy.

Silly TwiceBabies....

God Bless my sweetie pies!!!

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