Saturday, June 7, 2008

TwiceBabies Go To Trader Joe's

This morning, once we were all up and dressed, we took a drive to Trader Joe's for some yummy foods and drinks.

Let's see, we got some health food bars, I got lots of personal hygiene products, cereal boxes, three boxes of graham crackers and some cool cookies I saw above the frozen food section.

I think this Trader Joe's took my advice and finally started giving balloons out to children. I say this because for the first time ever, we were able to ask for a balloon each for our twins. As I am sure you already know, my twins are obsessed with balloons.

And, like any other place we go, our twins were ooh and awed over, which does not surprise me. I am used to it by now.

I only wish we could get a Trader Joe's in my city. Now that the Linens N Things is closed in my city do to a bankruptcy, a Trader Joe's would be a great addition. There is loads of parking and the place is huge!! They could even add a mini cafe!

God Bless TwiceBabies and Trader Joe's!!

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