Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TwiceBabies, Tuesday Morning and Osh Kosh B'Gosh

Well, today did not start off so well, my twins were so whiny, TwiceBaby "B" in particular. We were getting our dishwasher installed, so my hubby came back home to help the handy man out. All she wanted to do was have Daddy hold her and play with her. I had to put her in her room and have a talk with her. We laid on the bed and I rubbed her head and told her to calm down. Then, she sat on my lap and we talked and played together. After that, we went out to the laundry room, found Daddy with Twin "A" and then we all went into the family room to watch their favorite shows.

After that morning fun, I got the girls into our car and we went to the outlet mall. The store, Tuesday Morning opened up there. So, I got them a KeeKee, I got me some new kitchen towels and a set of three diffusers. Then, we strolled to Osh Kosh and I got them three new T's.

Once all that was done, we went home, they ate lunch then we took a nap until I think 3:45. After our nap, we got up, watched some of their shows and then Daddy came home around 5:30ish.

That was one busy day, indeed.

God Bless our Babies...

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