Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TwiceGirlies Playing With Their Friend

Every other Monday my twins and their friend, Miriam, have a play date at our home, while Miriam's Mommy and I scrapbook. It is always nicer to scrapbook with someone else. I am halfway through my twins second birthday..yes, their second birthday. I know, I know they are six years old now, what has taken me so long.

Well, as much as I love scrap booking, it is time consuming and I could be doing other productive things. Productive things where I get paid. So, it is perfect for me to scrapbook every other Monday.

So, while Mommy and Miriam's Mommy are scrap booking, our girls play in our family room or in the girls bedroom. This Monday, it was cold and it looked like it was going to rain. Well, it did not rain and then today, it looks like it is supposed to rain, but it has not yet. The clouds are filling up, but nothing has fallen from the sky yet.

Anyway, Miriam and her Mommy stay over for about two or three hours. My girls and Miriam watched some of the GiGi Gods Little Princess DVDs. I think they watched more than one. There are at least six GiGi Gods Little Princes DVDs. Along with this DVD, I read these GiGi books to  my twins because they are so cute:

So this time around for scrap booking, I actually got four pages complete: two on Twin "A" scrapbook and two on Twin "B" scrapbook. Yeah, now I will be in the month of July. I really need to pick up the pace and complete this scrapbook before the end of the year. So, do you think I can do it?

Reply: Yes or No in comments..and tell why I will be able to complete these scrapbooks.


Monday, February 27, 2012

TwiceGirlie "B" Is A Budding Artist

As much as I want Twin "B" to good well in math and reading, which is very important, I love seeing he drawings. She has a wonderful imagination and I will absolutely encourage her in drawing, painting and the like.

I am sure I have said this before, and I will say it again, my family has a lot of artists. It seems like every generation finds another artist or artists. Twin "A" is also a budding artist, I just do not have any recent drawings from her.

Twin "B" seems to always draw a person wearing a dress or pants, with a hat (like ones Mommy makes) and a purse. Creativity is just in her genes and I love praising her for what she draws. Here is a new drawing. She might be a clothes designer, who knows.

TwiceGirlies Playing in Rain

This year has been, shall I say, very dry pertaining to rainfall. Winter usually means rain, wind and snow, right? In the city I live in, if memory serves, there has only been two or three days of rain since November. This rain probably lasted 4 to 6 hours. How sad and strange at the same time. What is going on with our weather? Hmmm, well, whatever is happening, it is not good for growing flowers and crops, right?

This morning though I saw a lot of snow coming down in the Sierra's. Sierra at Tahoe, specifically, had snow just coming down and the wind was whipping it all around. Well, I hope it keeps snowing to fill our reservoir's and bring down some rain in the valley.

With that said, on the day it actually rained, my twins went out and jumped in puddles and tasted the rain. They had their winter coat on and boots. Here are some photos of them having fun in the rain. These photos are from the end of January.

TwiceGirlies and Toys in Bathtub

Every single barbie like doll has found their way into the bathtub. Yeah, I guess this bound to happen. It all started with the Barbie/Disney dolls that were meant for the bath: Ariel, Barbie Mermaids and Beach Barbie dolls. I could have said these other dolls do not belong in the bath, but really, why would I mess up the fun my girls are having.

At first, there were only six dolls in the tub. These dolls were specifically meant to be in the tub. Like I stated above, they were Mermaid and Beach Barbies. Then, one my one, my giriles began bringing their princess dolls and prince charming dolls into the tub.

Yeah, now my twins have a boatload of dolls to have fun with and keep them occupied for at least twenty, individually, at a time. Sometimes, my twins will sing and play with their dolls, at other times, they just have their dolls talking to each other.

I love hearing them play with their dolls, it is so cute as I know one day, playing with dolls will be over and they will be taking showers.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Buy 2 Get 1 Free Pair of Prescription Eyeglasses Event

If you are new to wearing prescription glasses or are looking for new pair, the only place to check out is Zenni Optical. Instead of going through your eye doctor's office where they charge an atrocious price, Zenni Optical does not. The reason for this is the middle man. Because there is no middle man, the customer does not have to pay for the high prices of prescription eyeglasses. The prices at Zenni Optical start at $6 and go to $64 as compared to eyeglasses purchased from a eye doctor or eyeglasses store.

Shopping through Zenni Optical gives their customers a chance to three pairs of prescription glasses and switch between the makes and models to match an outfit. With the buy 2, get 1 free offer, customers are able to buy the 3rd pair at equal or lesser value. Whether you like thin or thick rimmed glasses, they can be found on the Zenni Optical website. There are four shape of eye glasses to look at and purchase like rectangle, oval, aviator and round. With this amazing offer, customers can purchase any of these shape glasses and change their look everyday of the week.

Along with looking for eyeglasses in a particular shape, you can also look by color. Some of the colors available are black, blue, clear, cream, multicolor, red and many more. So, when you take up this offer, not only can you buy your prescription eyeglasses in more than one shape, they can come in more than one color and they are available for men, women and children in single vision, bifocal and progressive.

It looks like Zenni Optical has all your prescription eyeglasses needs covered. Here is a photo of a pair of eyeglasses I currently have. I love the rimless eyeglasses because they are not heavy on my nose and around my ears.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TwiceGirlies School Report Cards

My twins received their report card last week. I have to say they are doing a good job. The report card was for the second semester. Now, when I help my girls with their homework, I know they are individuals and I treat them as such.

Yes, they are twins, fraternal mind you, and they have different learning levels as well. I will not compare my twins to each other as one has a strength in one subject where the other has a strength in another subject.

For my twins, Twin "A" seems to excel in math, whereas Twin "B" excels in reading. In the beginning of the first semester I was not a happy camper that my twins were not on the same learning curve. It has taken me a while to realize they are two different people who learn differently.

So I no longer push one twin to be like the other. The will be learning at their own speed and Mommy will continue encouraging them in their learning each subject. I have to say though that they are learning to read a lot better. Instead of me reading to them I have them read to me. I have been doing this for a while now and it makes Mommy proud to see them wanting to learn to read. They see Mommy reading her books all the time so I am setting a good example for them. Plus, I am always telling them how much fun they will have when they have learned all their 'sight words' and begin reading a lot more.

Mommy has already bought a lot of books for little girls to read. Now all they have to do is read everyday with Mommy and Daddy to increase their reading level and enjoyment of reading like Mommy.

As for math, they are learning a math the Rowley math way. My Dad was doing this "Rowley" math with me and my sister in the 70's. My Dad made his own math pages for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. My Dad typed it all out and put each page in the clear folder. I did learn math this way and I am glad my girls are learning math this way too. This is a good way to learn math not only quickly, but effectively.

When it came to math for me, I was never a fan. English, History and Art were my favorite subjects. But, I am encouraging my twins to like math and excel in it. I show them that everything in life is built on mathematics. Our bodies are walking mathematics and so are the trees, sun, moon, stars, nighttime and daytime. Everything around us and in us, relies on mathematics. I also tell my twins that the God of the Universe, whom we serve, is the Ultimate Mathematician. Everything God created around us, either on Earth or in space, He used numbers to create. Whatever God made, it was spoke into existence, using numbers.

I love seeing my twins learn math and reading and that is gives Mommy joy. My twins also love receiving praises for a job well done. I know they are learning at their own pace and all I can do is encourage them to learn what is needed to not only get to the next grade level, but to have fun learning as well.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Organizing Your Life Does Not Have To Be Stressful: Just Clipix and Your Done

Looking for products you like online can be easy, but of you are not a fan of adding products like books, shoes, articles and so much more to your online favorites, there is a now a better way. This way is easy and can be done when you are on the website where you see product you like. The days of adding website articles, recipes and any story to your favorites is over. In fact, this new way of saving all things you like, can be be shared with family and friends, in an instant.

I do not know about you, but when I look at all the websites I have added to my favorites, I really wonder what all these links are. Sometimes, I have to go through all the links and decide what to keep, and what to delete. When I signed up with clipix it made my online and life experience so easy. Honestly, do you really need more stress in your life when it can be simplified down to one website where you can store all the things you like, and share then, will everyone you know? I hear a resounding yes.

Just so you have an idea of what I am talking about, I have added a  for you to watch. This is as easy as 1-2-3 to install and it is free. When I downloaded Clipix, so far, I have added a variety of products I like and some I want to buy real soon. This is what it looks like when you find something you like and you clip it to your clipix page.



Once you find a product you like, click the Clipix button on your favorites bar on your search engine. Then to the right of your screen, you will see the small dialog box pop up with the photo of your product. Now, all you have to do is click to Clpix button and that photo will be sent to your Clipix page. Simple as that. Now that my product is on my Clipix page, this is what it looks like. Right now, I have more than one product I like. See how easy it is to add a photo to your page..so easy.



Just in case you are wondering what you can add to your Clipix page I am going to show you. Let's say you want to plan a vacation, find healthy snacks for your kids, look for recipes, kid's activities, gift ideas, craft ideas and this list goes on and on.

Well, I am sure you get the gist of the Clipix website and what you can do with it. You can also create and customized clipboard-create as many as you like for any purpose and rearrange them however you want. With Clipix,you can choose whether you want your clips to be private or if you want to share them with others. There is also a Clipix community you can share with.

Your Clipix page can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You will find that there are so many uses for Clipix, you will want to share it with everyone you know.


If you have an iPhone, there is an app for that too. So, if you have photos and other things you want to add to Clipix, that can easily be done on your iPhone too.



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Valentine's Day Yummies for TwiceGirlies and Daddy

This Valentine's Day, as Valentine's in the past, I made a heart shaped cake for hubby and some cupcakes for my TwiceGirlies. Since I do not get out of my home as much as I would like, I make my own Valentine's Day gifts, albeit sweet treats, at home. Now, I love baking so this is a nobrainer for me. In fact, I would rather bake than cook a dinner meal. Yeah, I have a sweet tooth and yes, it shows.

So this Valentine's Day, I made a smaller heart shaped cake with vanilla batter. I used vanilla because one of my twins does not like chocolate cake. Even though I made 12 cupcakes and a small heart shaped cake, I still have extra batter left over. Well, I just threw it away because I did not know what to do with it. The last thing I needed was to make something else sweet, right?

Once the cake and cupcakes were done baking, I let them cool for a while, this began frosting them. For my hubby's heart shaped cake, I used white and chocolate frosting. With white frosting I spread that around the siding of the cake and the top of the cake, I used chocolate frosting. On the siding of the cake frosting, I did my best to add some sprinkles, but it did not stick that well. As for the top of the cake, I was able to add a variety of sprinkles, which you will see in the photo I took.

As for the cupcakes, I made 12 an only frosted 6 of them. The last thing I needed to do what encourage my twins to eat them all at once, or in at least three days. I frosted the cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate frosting. I frosted three vanilla and three chocolate. The sprinkles, of course, were easier to apply and I used a variety of sprinkles too.

My husband has yet to take a bite of his Valentine's Day gift...go figure...

My twins only ate one of their cupcakes..

Okay, I just do not get it...what is going on here? I mean, these are sweet treats...My hubby and twins love sweet treats.

My hubby gave me a single red rose. I love red roses and a single red rose is the perfect gift. I did not even ask for anything.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

TwiceGirlies Valentine's Day Mailboxes

For Valentine's Day at school, my twins were asked to make a mailbox for the cards they would be getting from all their classmates. So, instead of making a plain old mailbox, I wrapped them both with red construction paper and had my girls put heart shaped stickers all over it.

Then, once the body and top of the mailbox was complete, I cut out a hole in the top of the shoebox, big enough to stuff Valentine's Day cards in.

This is what they mailboxes look like:

TwiceGirlies on Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, my TwiceGirlies opened up one small, Mommy and GG Fiddner, and one big bag of gifts from Nana and Papa. Oh my, they got so much, especially candy and things to color on and blank writing pads. My twins love drawing and coloring.

I love seeing my twins drawing and coloring because this is one side of my family where drawing and coloring is just in our genes. So, these little blank notepads are excellent gifts for my twins, on any occasion.

Let's see, Mommy got her twins two blank notepads each and Nana got her twin girls two blank notepads too. These notepads will be filled up very quickly and I will have to buy them some more. I keep all the filled up notepads too. I mean, what kind of Mommy I be if I did not keep all their drawing they do almost every night.

Buzz Lightyear Rocket Blaster Ride-On

If you have a little boy, or even a little girl who likes "Toy Story", they will want this awesome Buzz Light year Rocket Blaster Ride-On. I think every little boy, or girl, I know loves the movie, "Toy Story". This would be an excellent gift for your little guy. Whether this is a "just because" gift, and I love you gift or happy birthday gift, your little guy will really like this ride on toy.

The Buzz Light year Rocket Blaster Ride On toy is perfect for a 1.5 to 5 year old child. This ride on car features rocket ship styling to ignite the imagination. The foot-to-floor format helps children build coordination and large motor skills. Perfect indoors, outdoors and beyond.   This is a great way for little hands and feet to work together in getting from one place to another. Also,  if your little guy has stuffed toys he likes to carry with him, he can put his toy on his lap while having fun going up and down the sidewalk.          

The Buzz Light Year Rocket Blaster Ride On is normally $77.99 and $19.95 to ship. Right now, Little Tike's  is offering it for two days only (February15th & 16th) for only $49.99 shipped (contiguous US States only). All consumers need to do is simply add the Buzz Light year ride-on to their cart and use the code ROCKET to activate the final price of only $49.99! Act now; this offer is good while supplies last.

It is Bulb Planting Time...with my TwiceGirlies

Last weekend my twins and Mommy planted bulbs in our front yard and some in our backyard. I was at a discount store and found some  Ranunculus, pretty and tight, bulbs, so I bought them and later that evening we went to a discount grocery store and found a whole lot of bulbs for Summer.

Well, I bought one of each and just had to plant them when the weekend came around. I love having my twins help me in the garden, and well, so do they. My twins love helping Mommy do anything inside and outside the home.

So, since the weather was nice, even with the gray clouds overhead, Mommy dug holes in the ground and my twins dropped the bulbs into the ground and they were done. They had so much fun and can not wait to see the bulbs pretty little faces in the Summer time.

I have always loved bulbs because they surprise to me every Summer. It is like receiving a present from the ground every season. My face lights up as I see the beauty of a simple flower, contained in this perfect package.

Oh yeah, after we planted the bulbs, it poured down rain that evening. So, I put plastic bags over all the potted bulbs so they would not be over watered.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Double Bubble, Bubble Bath Should Be Taken Off The Market

This bubble bath, double bubble, needs to be taken off the market. This is the most disgusting "bubble bath" I have ever used. The only reason I used it last night was because the lavender one I normally used was, well, it was all used up.

I bought this for my twins only because we were out of bubble bath. I was in such a rush to leave Target, I did not read the ingredients! I read each and every single label on all the products I purchase. I am ashamed that I did not read this label.

So, Mommy was the Guinea Pig and not my twins.

Anyway, as the evening progressed after taking my bath, I began to smell something on my skin. I was wondering what it was. Could it have been the bath soap I used? Yes!! It was that disgusting bubble bath made of a boat load of chemicals to harm our precious children's bodies and eyes. Of course there are disclaimers on this product, as there always is, on every bath product. But, this company is hoping we do not read it, I am sure, in the hopes our children will ingest it.

My body feels gritty and has this awful smell. I can not ever pinpoint what the smell is. It is just disgusting and I need to take another shower to clean my body off . I wonder how much damage it has already done to my body as I write this.

When my twins were infants until they were four years old, I used to buy Nature's Baby Organics from this company in Southern California. In my opinion, if you are even the slightest bit concerned about what you are putting on your babies delicate and oh so precious skin, and yours, the only products to buy are from Nature's Baby Organics.

**Disclaimer-this is not a paid article. This is my personal opinion on a product I have used in the past, stopped using and am going to use again, especially after using a most disgusting "bubble bath" not meant for any human body.**

This is the most disgusting "bubble bath" I used and am warning you NOT to use, God Bless:

Have You Heard Of The LeapSweeps?

If love love giveaways, this is the one for you and your Little Tikes. If you have Little Tikes, this is then you have to enter this giveaway right now. All you have to do is go to LittleTikes and enter there. In fact, send all your family and friends to enter right now. The more the merrier I say.
Little Tikes is going to have 29 winners. The prize being given to 29 sweepstakes winners will be a Cozy Cruisin Wagon. This Cozy Cruisin Wagon had durability. This body will never, ever rust and has two integrated seats let kids ride in comfort. Oh yeah, and there are two cup holders. How cool is that! This is a fun way to take your toddler around the block, walk them to the park, play in the backyard, or your toddler can play with the Cozy Cruisin Wagon with their stuffed animals and other toy. When my twins were toddlers that is what they did. If you have a child between the ages of 1.5 to 6, this is the perfect way for you and your Little Tikes, to have fun, fun, fun!

TwiceBabies Mom and Her TwiceGirlies Have Been Sick

Oh my goodness, it is has been a very, very, and oh yeah, very long week. I say this because I, and my twins, along with my hubby, have been sick since Saturday. Yes, Saturday evening is when the sickness came upon us. Being sick is not fun, in anyway, shape or form. Being sick takes time out of your day, keeps you in bed for the most part and just makes you irritable. If this sounds familiar to you, this is how I have felt all week long.

Along with sickness slowing a person's body down, it can cause a loss of opportunities and time lost from school or work. My twins lost three days of school because of their constant coughing. When I had the flu for three days, I lost a writing job opportunity. Actually, I had to turn down the job, which paid nicely, because I just could not concentrate and all I wanted to do was sleep. This year, unfortunately, I did get this flu and it is not because I did not receive the "flu" vaccine. You see, in 1999, I willingly took the flu vaccine and guess what? I got the flu anyway.This was way before all the commercials of this year, were being rammed down our throat to poison ourselves with, the flu vaccine. So I thought to myself, "Self, if taking the flu vaccine gives me the flu, the flu vaccine must be null and void, along with being a complete fraud filled with chemicals I neither want or can not afford to have floating around in my body or immune system".
If anyone saying being sick is wonderful, they need to get their head examined, seriously. Healthy, this is where you want to be at all times. Even if you are"pretending" to be sick, this is a no-no. Anyone can claim to be sick, when they are perfectly healthy.Then, all of a sudden, when they least expect it, out if nowhere, sickness comes upon them and they wish they had never lied about being sick. Is this a cause and effect for lying? You be the judge.
What goes around, comes around, right? So, next time you think it is cute, or even funny, when you claim to be sick...think again before calling in sick work or anywhere. Of course, this has nothing to do with me being sick, I have not worked in an office environment since 2004. However, I do work in my home as the manger of my home and I am a freelance writer. When I do not work, I do not get paid.
On a personal note, I do not suggest getting the flu vaccine. Getting the flu, naturally, is far better than injecting your body and mind with a variety of chemicals. Did you know that once mercury is in your body, it never leaves, neither does formaldehyde (formaldehyde, you mean the embalming fluid used in the deceased? yes, that one). Our bodies are designed to fight illness. Research, research and yet again, research what is going into your body, before you take the word of your doctor, or pharmacists, that the flu shot is good for you. This is a scare tactic. Fear is a good motivator.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Party Fit For a Princess

If you’re looking for a way to throw the perfect birthday party for your favorite little princess, welcome to the club. Between the ages of 1 and 3, it’s ok to simply invite a few family friends, bake a cake and buy your special little girl a few presents, but once they reach that 4th year, they enter what I like to call “the pony years.” Invariably they’ll ask for a pony or some variation of a fantastic (stress on the root of that word-fantasy) gift. When they reach that 14th year, they begin to prefer a few pizzas and a movie, or maybe just a few friends in a swimming pool, but for a few years, birthdays can seem like the most stressful and costly events of the year.

Fortunately, you can throw a spectacular birthday party that won’t break the bank. Use a theme package to take care of the party supplies, goodie bags and invitations. ThePartyWorks.com offers many different kinds of party themes. For example, if you’re looking to throw a party for a gaming enthusiast, grab some Super Mario party supplies and throw a video game-themed party!

If you’re little girl is more interested in playing princess rather than rescuing the princess, you can throw a party fit for royalty. Here are a few tips on how to pull off the perfect princess party.


Start by snagging some Disney Princess Dreams invitations. These are a great way to set the tone to the guests that this will be a formal affair.


Are you not completely confident in your ability to decorate a cake with a great princess tableau? ThePartyWorks.com offers a great way to compensate for your own lack of skill with a frosting tube. Pick up a Disney Princess Edible Image to add the perfect finishing touch to your little princess’ cake. 

Party Favors

For party favors, you can send the guests home with a treasure trove of princess paraphernalia. A glass slipper filled with candy, stickers and rubber bracelets are enough to make anyone feel like royalty.


For a great princess party activity, set up a tiara-making station with construction paper, glue, glitter and jewels. These are the perfect accessories for your guest’s ensembles. Think about playing one of the Disney classics like Snow White or the Little Mermaid while your girls are making their headwear. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

TwiceGirlies Weekend: Where Colds Abound

Raise your hand if you like to sick....Come on now, let me see some hands..alright, alright, nobody likes to be sick. When you are sick, all you want to do is sleep, sleep and sleep. Being sick also reduces your patience level. Have you ever noticed that? Yeah, it does and along with your patience level being reduced, you do not want to be touched at all.
This non touching thing usually happens when one has the flu or a fever. Am I right, am I right? Well, of course this is right. I speak from experience, of course. My goodness, being sick does not make me, my hubby or my twins happy campers.

The funny thing is, yesterday my twins and I were outdoors on the front lawn playing. I was reading a book and my twins asked if we could take a walk around the block to look for their favorite neighborhood cat, Romeo. So, all morning and late afternoon, we were just fine. No coughing, no sickness whatsoever. Then, BOOM! Sickness hit us like a freight train.

This sickness all started, in my opinion, because hubby was hacking away and not covering his mouth of coughing into his arm. At that moment, I knew myself and twins would come down with a cold, coughing, chills, flu and or fever.

I did all I could to not get sick. I mean I always cough into my arm, always and I am a freak about washing my hands. In fact, my hands are dry a lot from all the hand washing I do. This time though, all the hand washing in the world did not stop me or my twins from coming down with an unwelcome cold and all that comes with it.

Walgreens Now Has A Prescription Program

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It looks like being a Walgreens customer has just gotten better. With the new Walgreens Prescription Savings Club, a family membership costs $35. The family membership includes spouse, independents up to age 22 and pets, yes your pets are included too. Right now is the best time to join and receive discount prices on your prescriptions. The annual membership for individuals is $20. So, this is a win-win situation for everyone.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Sonicare Difference with a FrugalDad Coupon

Having clean teeth is important, especially when it comes to clean breathe and removing plaque. Cleaning your teeth with the right instrument also leads to a healthier body, inside. The Sonicare, by Phillips, has four types of Sonicare products: the DiamondClean, HealthyWhite, Extreme and FlexCare+ toothbrushes. All four of these Sonicare toothbrushes are rechargeable and ready for home or travel use. These Sonicare toothbrushes are recommended by dentists for the ultimate care of you teeth and mouth health. A Sonicare toothbrush will not only improve your teeth and mouth health, the Healthy White toothbrush will allow for whiter teeth without using a whitening product in a box.
The DiamondClean rechargeable toothbrush is available with 5 modes and 2 replaceable brushes with a USB charging case. The HealthyWhite toothbrush has 3 modes and is also rechargeable. The Extreme has one mode, one brush head battery toothbrush. The FlexCare+ has 5 modes rechargeable sonic toothbrush.  Any one of these Sonicare toothbrushes would be an excellent cleaning utensil for a clean mouth and teeth, all day, everyday.
The Phillips company, with Sense and Simplicity, can not only be found it major stores and pharmacies, but they can also be found online for your convenience. In fact, if you want to learn more than what I have shared with you, I am recommending you go to the Phillips website right now.When you go to the Phillips website, you can register for an account, look at the rating and reviews on their toothbrushes, download questions, look at the return policies, product support and so much more.
Alright, other than the information I have supplied to you above, if you are looking to save money on a Sonicare toothbrush, I recommend you use a coupon at FrugalDad. Have you ever heard of FrugalDad before? If not, let me tell you about this website. FrugalDad was created for the average family to find financial resources with a conservative slant. By 'conservative slant' this is not referring to politics, rather the "conservative" approach to personal finances.
At the FrugalDad website, you will find a lot of ways to save on the everyday product such as a Sonicare toothbrush, even scholarships The FrugalDad like the fact that online coupons are just another way to save but can be hard to find if you do not know where to look. These discounts are tend to not be well advertised. So, for the biggest retailers, such as Phillips Sonicare toothbrushes, the FrugalDad has compiled links to coupons and deals to help you save on your next shopping trip.
Right now, the FrugalDad has a SonicCare Coupons and Promo Codes for the FactoryOutletStores which are . The sonicare toothbrushes are recommended by dentists. These amazing toothbrushes can come at a hefty price even though they are well worth the price, using a coupon to reduce this price is something to definitely take advantage of.

TwiceGirlies and Tattle Telling

Tattle telling, tattle tellers...what do you think of this? Do you approve of this "practice" between your children? Do you think this is a necessity or something that can be dangerous? Well, my twins tend to "practice" the "Art of  Tattle Telling" to the Nth degree. Tattle telling, as I am learning, is not something to take lightly. This "practice" is just as bad as gossiping, which is also something that must be stopped in its tracks.
Yesterday this tattle telling was at a level I have never experienced before. I will not go into detail, but it did not sit well with Mommy, or Daddy. We told our twins that tattling is only appropriate when someone is hurt, that is it, and this is not called tattle telling, but sharing information with Mommy or Daddy when a sibling or friend needs help, period.

Yeah, I have never been a fan of tattle tellers. The way I see it, if one of my twins is having issues with one another, they need to work it out on their own. I do not want or have to "police" everything  they do. I love and trust my twins will learn to be nice, loving and kind to each other. Being loving and kind is what pleases Jesus, right? Yeah and it makes living with my twins easier and peaceful too.

TwiceGirlies and Reading Five Books

My twins came home this week with a bookmark. The bookmark has to be filled up with five books they have to read to Mommy or Daddy before March. Then Mommy or Daddy have to sign the bookmark. So, this morning, TwiceBaby "B" read her five books, the books she brings home from school everyday. Okay, so she read a couple simple books and books with a lot more words and longer sentences. Oh, I am so proud of her reading skills. TwiceBaby "B" is really learning to read so much better. The sight words she is learning every week really are really increasing her reading abilities. Before she knows it, she will be reading easily this summer and I will be able to buy her some girlie books she can read on her own. I am so excited!
TwiceBaby "A" is also reading very well too. Just like TwiceBaby "B", she has to read five books and Mommy or Daddy has to sign the bookmark once it is filled up. This morning, TwiceBaby "A" read two books because it was time to leave for school, so she will read three more books and fill up the bookmark as well. So, on Monday, her bookmark will be filled up from books she read over the weekend and signed my Mommy. Also like TwiceBaby "B", the sight words she is learning every week really increase her reading abilities.

Now, my twins are in no competition to see who can read faster or even better, I do not put this pressure on them, I just want to see them have a love for reading like Mommy does. From what I see, and hear, my TwiceGirlies, are having fun learning to read and reading to Mommy without me helping them. Do I sound like a proud Mommy to you? You betcha I am...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

With Bulbs, All You Do Is Dig, Drop and Done!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done. for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

There are so many bulbs to look at and choose from. Bulbs come in a variety of shapes and colors. My favorite bulbs are Tulips, Daffodils and Ranunculus. I plant these bulbs in my front and backyard. Some bulbs I have in the ground and others in flower pots. It is funny though, every spring o summer, I get a surprise when my flowers begin showing their colorful faces in the sun. When my lovely bulbs begin showing their faces, I clip some flowers and bring some indoors to brighten my home. Bulbs are one amazing flower. They are like little packages waiting to be opened and shine their colorful faces where ever they have been planted.

The best thing about growing bulbs is planting them. If you have Curbside Chaos, then all you have to do is dig, drop and you are done. That is how simple it is to grow your own bulb garden. When you grow bulbs in your front yard, going up to your door walkway, wow, your front yard will look brighter and more inviting to your family,friends and guests.

Have you ever been to the DigDropDone website? If not, you should. There is so much to learn about planting and growing any variety of bulbs. When I visited this website, I clicked on the Bulbs 101 page and learned that bulbs are a natural product and are a self contained flower factory. When I clicked on the Dig Deeper page, I learned that bulbs and corms are not the same. These two self contained flowers may look the same, but they are a bit different in that the bulb store their food in their scales, while corms store their food in the basal plate. This information is important to know, but there is a lot more information you need to know about bulbs.

When I visited the DigDropDone website, I was greeted by the three bulb ladies: Marcy, The Super Mom, Juliana, The Fashonista and Evelyn, The Empty Nester. When you read all their bios, who are you most alike? I am more like Marcy because we both have twins, although, she is a Super Mom and I am trying to be one. Speaking of trying, I do not know about you, but gardening, as hard as I try, is not my thing. That is the funny thing about planting bulbs, you do not have to be a seasoned "bulb" planter at all. Just Dig, Drop and Done. Three easy steps in two shakes of a lamb's tail!
 If you like contests, and who does not like a contest, there is a "Dig, Drop, Done!" contest going on right now. This contest is giving away $5,000 for a landscape makeover. This contest is an effort to excite women about the pure beauty of seeing flowers come from a bulb they simply dropped into the ground. To enter the contest, all you have to do is visit www.digdropdone.com to learn more and submit a photo of you yard. The lucky winner will not only receive a $5,000 landscape makeover, they will get a visit from Taniya Nayak(@TaniyaNayak on Twitter). With your visit from Taniya, she will give you tips on the best way to update your yard!

Every time you share about "Dig, Drop, Done" on  Twitter, $1.00 will be donated to Rebuilding Together. This is the nation's leading nonprofit organization working to preserve affordable home ownership and revitalize neighborhoods.

When you are visiting Curbside Chaos make sure to check out the Garden Guru. This is the best place to see what type of bulbs you can grow in your part of the country. All you have to do is pick your country, where you live within your country, type of bulbs you want to plant and check out the planting guide which lets you know how to plant your bulbs.
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