Thursday, February 16, 2012

TwiceGirlies on Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, my TwiceGirlies opened up one small, Mommy and GG Fiddner, and one big bag of gifts from Nana and Papa. Oh my, they got so much, especially candy and things to color on and blank writing pads. My twins love drawing and coloring.

I love seeing my twins drawing and coloring because this is one side of my family where drawing and coloring is just in our genes. So, these little blank notepads are excellent gifts for my twins, on any occasion.

Let's see, Mommy got her twins two blank notepads each and Nana got her twin girls two blank notepads too. These notepads will be filled up very quickly and I will have to buy them some more. I keep all the filled up notepads too. I mean, what kind of Mommy I be if I did not keep all their drawing they do almost every night.

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