Friday, February 3, 2012

TwiceGirlies and Reading Five Books

My twins came home this week with a bookmark. The bookmark has to be filled up with five books they have to read to Mommy or Daddy before March. Then Mommy or Daddy have to sign the bookmark. So, this morning, TwiceBaby "B" read her five books, the books she brings home from school everyday. Okay, so she read a couple simple books and books with a lot more words and longer sentences. Oh, I am so proud of her reading skills. TwiceBaby "B" is really learning to read so much better. The sight words she is learning every week really are really increasing her reading abilities. Before she knows it, she will be reading easily this summer and I will be able to buy her some girlie books she can read on her own. I am so excited!
TwiceBaby "A" is also reading very well too. Just like TwiceBaby "B", she has to read five books and Mommy or Daddy has to sign the bookmark once it is filled up. This morning, TwiceBaby "A" read two books because it was time to leave for school, so she will read three more books and fill up the bookmark as well. So, on Monday, her bookmark will be filled up from books she read over the weekend and signed my Mommy. Also like TwiceBaby "B", the sight words she is learning every week really increase her reading abilities.

Now, my twins are in no competition to see who can read faster or even better, I do not put this pressure on them, I just want to see them have a love for reading like Mommy does. From what I see, and hear, my TwiceGirlies, are having fun learning to read and reading to Mommy without me helping them. Do I sound like a proud Mommy to you? You betcha I am...

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