Friday, February 10, 2012

TwiceBabies Mom and Her TwiceGirlies Have Been Sick

Oh my goodness, it is has been a very, very, and oh yeah, very long week. I say this because I, and my twins, along with my hubby, have been sick since Saturday. Yes, Saturday evening is when the sickness came upon us. Being sick is not fun, in anyway, shape or form. Being sick takes time out of your day, keeps you in bed for the most part and just makes you irritable. If this sounds familiar to you, this is how I have felt all week long.

Along with sickness slowing a person's body down, it can cause a loss of opportunities and time lost from school or work. My twins lost three days of school because of their constant coughing. When I had the flu for three days, I lost a writing job opportunity. Actually, I had to turn down the job, which paid nicely, because I just could not concentrate and all I wanted to do was sleep. This year, unfortunately, I did get this flu and it is not because I did not receive the "flu" vaccine. You see, in 1999, I willingly took the flu vaccine and guess what? I got the flu anyway.This was way before all the commercials of this year, were being rammed down our throat to poison ourselves with, the flu vaccine. So I thought to myself, "Self, if taking the flu vaccine gives me the flu, the flu vaccine must be null and void, along with being a complete fraud filled with chemicals I neither want or can not afford to have floating around in my body or immune system".
If anyone saying being sick is wonderful, they need to get their head examined, seriously. Healthy, this is where you want to be at all times. Even if you are"pretending" to be sick, this is a no-no. Anyone can claim to be sick, when they are perfectly healthy.Then, all of a sudden, when they least expect it, out if nowhere, sickness comes upon them and they wish they had never lied about being sick. Is this a cause and effect for lying? You be the judge.
What goes around, comes around, right? So, next time you think it is cute, or even funny, when you claim to be sick...think again before calling in sick work or anywhere. Of course, this has nothing to do with me being sick, I have not worked in an office environment since 2004. However, I do work in my home as the manger of my home and I am a freelance writer. When I do not work, I do not get paid.
On a personal note, I do not suggest getting the flu vaccine. Getting the flu, naturally, is far better than injecting your body and mind with a variety of chemicals. Did you know that once mercury is in your body, it never leaves, neither does formaldehyde (formaldehyde, you mean the embalming fluid used in the deceased? yes, that one). Our bodies are designed to fight illness. Research, research and yet again, research what is going into your body, before you take the word of your doctor, or pharmacists, that the flu shot is good for you. This is a scare tactic. Fear is a good motivator.

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