Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TwiceGirlies School Report Cards

My twins received their report card last week. I have to say they are doing a good job. The report card was for the second semester. Now, when I help my girls with their homework, I know they are individuals and I treat them as such.

Yes, they are twins, fraternal mind you, and they have different learning levels as well. I will not compare my twins to each other as one has a strength in one subject where the other has a strength in another subject.

For my twins, Twin "A" seems to excel in math, whereas Twin "B" excels in reading. In the beginning of the first semester I was not a happy camper that my twins were not on the same learning curve. It has taken me a while to realize they are two different people who learn differently.

So I no longer push one twin to be like the other. The will be learning at their own speed and Mommy will continue encouraging them in their learning each subject. I have to say though that they are learning to read a lot better. Instead of me reading to them I have them read to me. I have been doing this for a while now and it makes Mommy proud to see them wanting to learn to read. They see Mommy reading her books all the time so I am setting a good example for them. Plus, I am always telling them how much fun they will have when they have learned all their 'sight words' and begin reading a lot more.

Mommy has already bought a lot of books for little girls to read. Now all they have to do is read everyday with Mommy and Daddy to increase their reading level and enjoyment of reading like Mommy.

As for math, they are learning a math the Rowley math way. My Dad was doing this "Rowley" math with me and my sister in the 70's. My Dad made his own math pages for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. My Dad typed it all out and put each page in the clear folder. I did learn math this way and I am glad my girls are learning math this way too. This is a good way to learn math not only quickly, but effectively.

When it came to math for me, I was never a fan. English, History and Art were my favorite subjects. But, I am encouraging my twins to like math and excel in it. I show them that everything in life is built on mathematics. Our bodies are walking mathematics and so are the trees, sun, moon, stars, nighttime and daytime. Everything around us and in us, relies on mathematics. I also tell my twins that the God of the Universe, whom we serve, is the Ultimate Mathematician. Everything God created around us, either on Earth or in space, He used numbers to create. Whatever God made, it was spoke into existence, using numbers.

I love seeing my twins learn math and reading and that is gives Mommy joy. My twins also love receiving praises for a job well done. I know they are learning at their own pace and all I can do is encourage them to learn what is needed to not only get to the next grade level, but to have fun learning as well.

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