Thursday, February 16, 2012

It is Bulb Planting Time...with my TwiceGirlies

Last weekend my twins and Mommy planted bulbs in our front yard and some in our backyard. I was at a discount store and found some  Ranunculus, pretty and tight, bulbs, so I bought them and later that evening we went to a discount grocery store and found a whole lot of bulbs for Summer.

Well, I bought one of each and just had to plant them when the weekend came around. I love having my twins help me in the garden, and well, so do they. My twins love helping Mommy do anything inside and outside the home.

So, since the weather was nice, even with the gray clouds overhead, Mommy dug holes in the ground and my twins dropped the bulbs into the ground and they were done. They had so much fun and can not wait to see the bulbs pretty little faces in the Summer time.

I have always loved bulbs because they surprise to me every Summer. It is like receiving a present from the ground every season. My face lights up as I see the beauty of a simple flower, contained in this perfect package.

Oh yeah, after we planted the bulbs, it poured down rain that evening. So, I put plastic bags over all the potted bulbs so they would not be over watered.

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