Sunday, February 5, 2012

TwiceGirlies Weekend: Where Colds Abound

Raise your hand if you like to sick....Come on now, let me see some hands..alright, alright, nobody likes to be sick. When you are sick, all you want to do is sleep, sleep and sleep. Being sick also reduces your patience level. Have you ever noticed that? Yeah, it does and along with your patience level being reduced, you do not want to be touched at all.
This non touching thing usually happens when one has the flu or a fever. Am I right, am I right? Well, of course this is right. I speak from experience, of course. My goodness, being sick does not make me, my hubby or my twins happy campers.

The funny thing is, yesterday my twins and I were outdoors on the front lawn playing. I was reading a book and my twins asked if we could take a walk around the block to look for their favorite neighborhood cat, Romeo. So, all morning and late afternoon, we were just fine. No coughing, no sickness whatsoever. Then, BOOM! Sickness hit us like a freight train.

This sickness all started, in my opinion, because hubby was hacking away and not covering his mouth of coughing into his arm. At that moment, I knew myself and twins would come down with a cold, coughing, chills, flu and or fever.

I did all I could to not get sick. I mean I always cough into my arm, always and I am a freak about washing my hands. In fact, my hands are dry a lot from all the hand washing I do. This time though, all the hand washing in the world did not stop me or my twins from coming down with an unwelcome cold and all that comes with it.

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