Monday, February 27, 2012

TwiceGirlies and Toys in Bathtub

Every single barbie like doll has found their way into the bathtub. Yeah, I guess this bound to happen. It all started with the Barbie/Disney dolls that were meant for the bath: Ariel, Barbie Mermaids and Beach Barbie dolls. I could have said these other dolls do not belong in the bath, but really, why would I mess up the fun my girls are having.

At first, there were only six dolls in the tub. These dolls were specifically meant to be in the tub. Like I stated above, they were Mermaid and Beach Barbies. Then, one my one, my giriles began bringing their princess dolls and prince charming dolls into the tub.

Yeah, now my twins have a boatload of dolls to have fun with and keep them occupied for at least twenty, individually, at a time. Sometimes, my twins will sing and play with their dolls, at other times, they just have their dolls talking to each other.

I love hearing them play with their dolls, it is so cute as I know one day, playing with dolls will be over and they will be taking showers.

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