Thursday, September 18, 2008

TwiceBabies, Daddy and Mommy go to Santa Cruz

My husband's parents had rented out a condo in the Santa Cruz/Aptos area for the month of September. During this month, they invited us to come stay with them. So, Thursday, today, we drove up to the Santa Cruz/Aptos area.

Our drive to Santa Cruz/Aptos was going fine, that is until Twin "B" decided to have a meltdown from Mommy trying to show her how to play a certain LeapFrog game on her LeapFrog LeapPad. You see, to cut down on the fussy and whining attitudes, Mommy sat in between her precious twins on this what should have been a 2.5 hour drive.

This is how our story unfolds as we drive up highway 17 to Santa Cruz/Aptos:

Twin "B" gets very mad at Mommy and only wants Daddy,who is driving. She will not stop crying for Daddy's hand and finally, after what seems like forever, Daddy pulls off the side of the road. Daddy gets out of the car and does what he can to sooth her. Daddy holds her hand and says everything is fine.

Then, Daddy gets back in the car, SUV, and the car will not go into drive. Our SUV had just been had a checkup, if you will, in August. Then, our SUV became sick again and Daddy took it to get another checkup. Our car was supposed to be fixed on the second checkup.

Well, it turns out, our vehicle was still sick as we figured out on our little vacation. Daddy was not a happy camper with our vehicle not in good working order. With Mommy, that is me, still sitting in the back with our twins, I told Daddy to call AAA. With Daddy still not a happy camper, I reached for my purse in the front where I normally sit, and I called AAA.

When I reached someone, I told them where we were by the Call Box number looking right at me. That was easy to do as we could be found quickly. Once I gave the AAA lady that info, Daddy spoke to her and within 30 minutes, a AAA guy came behind us and was able to get our car in gear to drive to a Nissan dealer in Aptos.

As the AAA guy was helping us, he had to sit in Daddy's seat. This freaked out our twins so much they began crying and screaming and pointing to where Daddy sits. I had to keep assuring them he was here to help us get our car started.

Yeah, this was a great way to begin a vacation and also humbling as well. Well, not for me but my other half.

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