Saturday, September 27, 2008

TwiceBabies say Goodbye to Binkies

Two weeks before the removal of their binkies, I had already planted in their brains that their binkies would be going to two of their cousins, one of their freinds and all the new babies who did not have any binkies. I told my twins that the stores no longer make or sell binkies and it was up to us to give the new babies their binkies.
Twin "B" wanted to "do it" herself. So, today, I got two plastic baggies and had Twin A and B on either of my side. Then, I put their binkies on the bed with plastic bag. I showed each of my twins how to place the binkies in their bag.
Once the binkies were in each bag, Mommy zipped up the bags and we all walked to the mailbox where each twin, individually placed their bag of binkies into the mailbox.

That was that. My twins got rid of their binkies and they were not whiny or fussy at all. Although, they do still ask about their binkies and Daddy and Mommy have to remind them that their binkies are with their baby cousin, friends and other newborn babies.

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  1. Hi Monica,
    How precious the twins look putting their binkies into the baggies. This chapter of their baby life has ended and now a new one has begun. May the Lord bless you, Scott, Abby and Emma always,
    Nana and Papa