Wednesday, March 30, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) Nana and Papa Came into Town

Late this afternoon, Nana and Papa arrived in my city to see their TwiceBabies, er TwiceToddlers (No More). While the three of us ladies were awaiting my parents arrival, we sat in the front yard. Both my twins were riding on their razor's on the sidewalk and having a great time.

An hour before Nana and Papa arrived, my twins had just gotten out of school. They came home with homework...two days late too. I mean, as each week begins, Monday, that is when they bring homework...home. So, it looks as if they will have to do some of it in the morning, before school, and the rest Friday morning, the last day to complete their homework.

Anyway, today, when Nana and Papa arrived, my twins played with Nana and Papa in the backyard, on the swing and Papa took his TwiceBabies (Toddlers no more) to CVS and Starbucks to get a kids iced chocolate. I like Starbucks for this reason. I mean, unlike the family owned coffee shops in my city, Starbucks actually caters to the "little" people, with "little" cups and "little" prices to match.

Once Daddy came home from work and gym, Nana and Mommy went our shopping. I rarely, if ever get out of my home since I no longer drive. It is not by choice either, health related. So, I am pretty much stuck in my home all day, everyday. When Nana comes up to see me and the TwiceBabies (TwiceToddlers no more), she takes me shopping. Yeah!

The time had gone by so fast, we went to the mall and Nana got me and the TwiceToddlers(no more) shoes at PayLess, then my Mom and I went to Macy's. I was finally able to use my giftcard and EX Change card.

By the time we left the mall, it was already eight thirty. My twins wanted Nana to give them a bath, but we were not home, so Daddy drew them a bath instead. Nana can give them a bath tomorrow evening.

When we got home, twins were washed and dressed and Nana and Mommy were getting something to eat. I ate the leftovers from last night and Nana made a Turkey sandwich.

Nana and Papa were exhaused from the loooooong drive up north and just twenty minutes ago, they fell fast asleep... Goodnight Nana, Papa and TwiceToddlers (no more).

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