Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Day Fifteen on 60 Day Slimdown

Happy TwiceToddler(No More) Tuesday! Today was one of my nephew's birthday's. He went to an ice skating rink in his city. Too bad we live over six hours away from my sister's family. My twins would have loved to go ice skating too. Well, at least my twins were able to sing "Happy Birthday" to him on the phone. We really wanted to get on Skype with him, but maybe tomorrow.

So in the morning for my breakfast, I had some oatmeal with sliced apples in it. As always, it was yummy. With the weather getting warmer....soon...I will not be eating this though.

For my exercise this morning, I used the S5F DVD; Workout #1. This was something different for me and I think I worked out muscles I have not used in a long time.

As lunchtime came around I had another Raspberry Salad and a coconut water. I love coconut waters in a big way. Right now, I think I can live off these Raspberry Salad's, but I know this would not be good for me as I do need some variety too.

My twins had ballet class tonight too. My twins love ballet class with their friends too. This season, they will be doing a dance recital using flower costumes, I think. This Easter though, at our church, my twins and their friends, will be doing a ballet dance recital for everyone at church. Oh, I am so excited... I hope my twins will be too when Easter comes around.

When it came time for dinner, I did go off my 60 Day Meal plan menu and ate a Sourdough Pepper Jack Sandwich. Oh my, it was just delicious!!! I want another soon..

Alright, so this was my day, hope you had a good day and talk to you tomorrow!

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