Sunday, March 6, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Six Day Slimdown

On day six, I was either to rest, which I did, or this could be a make up day. So, on this day, I rested from the exercise dvd's. I, of course, eat the designated meals from the 60 Day Mealplan.

For this day, instead of drinking a smoothie, I made a oatmeal with 1 apple and drank a glass of water with lemon. I figured it was time to change it up. When it came time for lunch, I made a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. I really love both these for lunch or dinner, but this is only a required lunch meal. Thank goodness the weather is still cold and wet. This is not something I want to eat in warmer weather.

As dinnertime rolled around, I decided to make something different. Like breakfast, it was also time to change dinner up a bit as well. For dinner, I made a meatless chili. This again is something I do not intend to eat when the weather gets warmer.

Ever since beginning this 60 Day Slimdown, I have to say I have not felt any hunger, whatsoever. These meals are prepared with just the right amount of food for one or four people. If need be, the recipes can be made for only one person like me and not my family.

Tomorrow is Monday and I will write my new blog article with my breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, along with what time and how long it took me to go through the exercise DVDs.

**Each day, I will be writing about what I ate and how this Slimdown program is working out on my body. If you too are interested in this 60 Day Slimdown, you can click on the link above and receive 30% off your order. To receive 30% off, please use Code: DayDVD30. Along with the above DVD set, if your baby or babies are still in a stroller, you will love the free Stroller Pump workout.Once at this link, please use any one of these Codes:"sp1" or "sp2" for Level l or Level 2**

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