Monday, March 14, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Day Fourteen on 60 Day Slimdown

Happy Monday to Y'All! Well, it is not really a happy Monday as it comes with some sad news. One of the radio talk show hosts I listen to has passed on. If any of my readers listen to The Derry Brownfield Show, you may or may have not heard he has passed on and gone home to be with the Lord. I used to listen to him on iTunes and on my iPod everyday. He was a true cowboy and part of the Common Sense Coalition. Derry used to say, "If it was not for the last minute,nothing would get done." Here, here to Derry for that saying. Rest in Peace my friend Derry Brownfield. You were much loved by myself and all your fans.

Well after this sad news, I made my breakfast. This morning I made a Blueberry Smoothie and a Toasted Sandwich. I like this for breakfast as well. This will, indeed, fill me up until lunch time.

While eating breakfast, I listened to some downloaded Derry Brownfield shows in which I had not listened to yet. Well, at least I can still listen to his voice and all the common sense he dished out everyday for all Americans to hear and hopefully put into action.

Since today was Monday, it was my day of Rest. So, for my resting day, I sat on my bed, read my emails, wrote my blog articles for payment and listened to Derry Brownfield shows on iTunes as a tribute to his love to America and all her citizens. I think I will keep all of Derry's shows on my iPod so I will not forget what an amazing human being he was.

As lunch time was rolling around, I decided to eat a Raspberry Salad. I had a big bag of Romaine lettuce which needs to be eaten, as it will get bad real soon, so I made this delicious salad for myself. I will probably eat it tomorrow too. This is the best homemade salad I have eaten. I love all the goodies in it and it is just the perfect amount for my tiny body.

For my dinner tonight, I decided to eat Soft Tacos. I am a sucker for tacos, soft or otherwise, and they are easy to make too. With my tacos, I drank a glass of lemon water. I drink filtered water as my tap water is just horrid and filled with fluoride and chlorine. Yeah, I am not a fan of poisons in my water and I hope you are not too.

Alright, so I will talk to you tomorrow evening...have a blessed Tuesday!!

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