Friday, March 4, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Day Four of 60 Day Slimdown

Today is my Day of Rest from the 60 Day Slimdown. This Day of Rest, I am sure, means to do no exercising. So, I did not exercise today, but I am sticking with the 60 Day Meal Plan.

With that being said, this morning for breakfast, I has a Strawberry Smoothie. One of my twins, Twin "A", loves Strawberries, while Twin "B", on the other hand, does not like Strawberries at all. So, when Twin "A" saw my Strawberry Smoothie, she picked up on and kept drinking from my Starbucks Smoothie cup. As much as I love seeing her drinking the yummy smoothies I make, I had to tell her to please stop drinking my smoothie, this is my breakfast.

Now, for lunch, I had one Chicken Salad Wrap, not two as described on the list of lunch foods I can eat. Yeah, I am a small person and therefore, I can only eat one of these delicious wraps at a time.

Let's see, for dinner tonight I might have Breakfast for Dinner or Soft Tacos. There are sixteen Dinner meals to look at and choose from, but I do not have all the ingredients in my home for a lot of these meals. I tend to stay away from two of the meal ingredients, but the rest of these meals are something I would eat everyday.

So, TGIF to you and stay safe in whatever weather you live in!

**Each day, I will be writing about what I ate and how this Slimdown program is working out on my body. If you too are interested in this 60 Day Slimdown, you can click on the link above and receive 30% off your order. To receive 30% off, please use Code: DayDVD30. Along with the above DVD set, if your baby or babies are still in a stroller, you will love the free Stroller Pump workout.Once at this link, please use any one of these Codes:"sp1" or "sp2" for Level l or Level 2**

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