Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) Doing the 60 Day Slimdown

Happy March 1st my TwiceToddler's Mom readers! It is a glorious day, this first day of March is the day I begin my Slimdown work out program. Last month, from one of my reader's, I was offered the chance to do her 60 Slimdown Program at my home. I was really excited because, even though I am way past post-natal, five years to be exact, my body and tummy could indeed use the workout.

After printing out the 60 Slimdown Program documents last night, I looked over all that is required for this Slimdown. This Slimdown comes with four DVDs with Lindsay Brin and two of her assistants, a 60 day Daily Meal Plan and so much more. This program is very impressive and for someone who has not worked out since 2008, this is a much needed Slimdown program.

This morning, from the list of foods I can eat, I made a Berry Smoothie and ate half of a Apple with Cinnamon. This actually filled me up just enough to make it to lunchtime.

After my hubby dropped our twins off at school, I checked my emails, then opened up the first and second DVD for Phase 1 of my Slimdown. This Slimdown is to be done in phases. There is Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. Each phase has me using one or two DVDs.

Since working out everyday is not recommended, in Phase 1, Lindsay has me working out three days in a row, the resting one day, then working out two days in a row, then resting. Lindsay does not have the workout days marked as Sunday-Saturday as, like me, you might not begin your Slimdown on Sunday. Like me, I began my workout on Tuesday, March 1st. I decided to begin my workout on March 1st and will end my workout May 1st.

So, after my hubby dropped off out twins, I looked at all the information needed for Phase 1. Like I stated above, I used the PNBC and CFS DVD's. In the first DVD, Lindsay has two assistant's, a Beginner and Intermediate, while Lindsay in Advanced. Since I have not worked out since 2008, I will be looking at the Beginner in this workout DVD.

Also, since this was my first day working out, I will have to find two objects Lindsay used in this PNBC DVD. I know they are in my home, just hid them from my twins when they were babies. For the CFS DVD, I will also have to use one more item in my home for another exercise.

Well, I have to say, these exercises are very doable and if done as Lindsay subscribes, I will do just fine. I am looking forward to eating my dinner tonight and working out again tomorrow too.

**Each day, I will be writing about what I ate and how this Slimdown program is working out on my body. If you too are interested in this 60 Day Slimdown, you can click on the link above and receive 30% off your order. To receive 30% off, please use Code: DayDVD30. Along with the above DVD set, if your baby or babies are still in a stroller, you will love the free Stroller Pump workout.Once at this link, please use any one of these Codes:"sp1" or "sp2" for Leve l or Level 2**

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