Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TwiceToddlers(No More) and Day Nine of 60 Day Slimdown

Greetings my blog readers! Today I am on day nine and it feels, and looks, like I have losing some weight. This is wonderful. Now, I am not sure of the weight loss is from the 60 Day Meal Plan or the DVDs. It could be from both, right now I do not know, just guessing. However way I am losing this weight, I am happy. I feel lighter and my jeans are fitting better.

So, for today's breakfast, I had another Strawberry Smoothie. I am beginning to enjoy drinking a smoothie for breakfast everyday. Even though this is not the only breakfast meal in the 60 Day Slimdown, it is the easiest to make. In the next couple of days, I think I will make an egg breakfast for breakfast and dinner. More protein is what I need and I really love eggs, the whole egg.

On this day, for my exercise, I could have chosen to do Cardio #1 or Option A. Option A is a 26 minute workout. Today, I prefer Cardio #1, but next time I will go with Option A.

As lunchtime rolled around, I decided to make a Chicken Salad Wrap. These too are really easy to make and well, I love wraps. So, for the next two days, I might just make myself some wraps.

This time, for dinner I made Stir Fry. This is something I have to made in a long time, 60 Day Slimdown Plan, or not. For this meal, I used chicken instead of shrimp. This was the most easiest meal to make and tasted oh so delicious. This is a must eat meal on this 60 Day Meal Slimdown plan.

This is an excellent way for me and my body to stay in shape for myself and my twins. My twins have so much energy, praise the Lord, but Mommy does not! Personally, this is the best exercise and diet plan I have ever been on.

Well, until tomorrow my blog readers. Eat well and eat right, stay in shape for all your life!

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