Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Day Eight of 60 Day Slimdown

This morning for breakfast I went back to the smoothie, Strawberry Smoothie. I have to say this is really good. Sure there are a lot of "berries", but strawberries do not have as many seeds as some other berries do. Now, since I do not have anymore real sugar, I used honey. I do hope this is a good substitute for sugar. Drinking a smoothie for breakfast is really an easy way to sip your breakfast down, whether you are in a rush or not.

Today was a special day for my twins, at school, because they were given some awards. Both of them were Student of the Month, with some of their other class mates. I will write another article about this tomorrow. Anyway, I was not able to eat my lunch until we all got home from this reward ceremony.

For lunch, I made my Raspberry Salad and it was even better today than the one I ate yesterday. I used all the same ingredients as I did yesterday, but today it tasted better. Maybe it was the smile on my face from seeing my twins receiving their rewards for being good friends and students in class.

Just like lunchtime, I did not have time to make my dinner because my twins had ballet class tonight. So, once we got home from ballet, I made my dinner. Actually, I was having leftovers of the meatless chili from the night before. Tonight's chili tasted the same as last nights. The only thing was, I did not have to make it from scratch!

Today was my rest day from exercising, so tomorrow morning I will resume my exercising and get back into the swing of things. Oh! and I found my free weights too. Yeah, they were in my window seat.

So, see you tomorrow my blog readers and have a good evening/day!

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