Thursday, December 6, 2007

Portrait Day with Our Twins

This evening, we took our twins to get Christmas Portraits at Sears in my city. Taking toddlers, let alone twin toddlers, on a photo shoot (LOL), is a joke.

Seriously, they were fighting over the same props, would not cooperate, would not cooperate and would not cooperate.

The photos, in the end, the ones we choose and will receive in two weeks, are adorable. But, hey, I can take better photos with my digital camera that I now own.
Oh, that is right, I did take photos of them at home. Here are some right here and they were easier to corral at home.

The hair clip they are wearing I made at home.


  1. how adorable they look!Eileen

  2. how cute...i have a christmas picture (kind of) i am going to post later this week.