Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Long Day After Christmas with my Twins

Today, we got up at the same time we normally do. I fed them, changed them, took my shower and we left to drop off a Christmas present for my girlfriend. While at her home, "A" and "E" played with my girlfriends daughter so we could talk by ourselves.

Well, I realized I was supposed to work in the nursery this Sunday. But, I told her I have been unable to open the excel schedule for nursery watch and this is why I did not know I was scheduled to work that day. We also talked about other things in our lives and what we are looking forward to in the coming year.

Around 12:50, I told my girls we are leaving so we could look for some items at a particular store I like to frequent for a Christmas ornament storage container. I found it, not on sale, but I used my coupon and that gave me a discount anyway.

From there, we went to another store I frequent to purchase a toy for them, which I returned later in the evening when Daddy was home, so I could purchase something American made, online. This will be a Christmas gift from their Great Aunties.

Anyway, on the way home from this store, "A" and "E" fell asleep. WOW, was I excited or what.
I mean, my twins, they were sleeping, at 2:45 and I was in heaven. Sleeping babies is always a delight to behold. Especially when at age two, they refuse to take their afternoon naps.

Since they fell asleep, I drove around town for a while. I mean, I was not about to wake these little angels. So yes, I was getting a break, even said break was not in the way I would have intended.

Once they work up, I took them to the one park, where it was real windy and the equipment I found out was more or less for older children. I promised them I would take them to a different park tomorrow that had play equipment for toddlers, which I found in the same vicinity.

All in all, today was a good day. My twins were out of the home all day and they seemed to like it. Now, if only they would stop their obsession with balls. You, know, toy balls, balls they kick, balls they throw. They see balls on their DVD and say "Ball!" and it drives me crazy.

I really hope this obsession ends soon.

Have a blessed evening and day my fellow bloggers.

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