Friday, April 9, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Their Dr Appointment

My twins had their doctor's appointment today. For this, their 4th year doctor appointment, they had their hearing and vision checked. Praise God, they are great. No issues with hearing, except for selected hearing, and their vision is great too.

Their doctor asked them what their name was, what city they live in, if they know their ABC's, if they can dial 911. Well, since our city will now be charging a homeowner a $300 fee for any false 911 calls, I will not be showing my girls how to dial that number.

My twins were asked to hop on their left and right feet, if they knew their colors and shapes and some other questions I can not recall. Well, of course they will know these,they have known them since before preschool, at home via Mommy and Comcast Baby Boost, and even more now that they are almost done with preschool.

Something I had not expected to be asked, I have to fill out this form on their annual checkup was, "Do you have fire arms in your home?" Well, personally, I think this is none of my twins doctor's business whether I do or do not have fire arms in my home. I was quite offended by this question and talk about an invasion of privacy. Last time I checked, I am still a free American, who lives in a state that allows fire arms. I had forgotten, for a moment, that the doctor's office is now working for the police department and federal government. It reminded me of that song, "I always feel like, somebodies watching me, and I have no privacy." (Rockwell)

My twins were supposed to go the the bathroom to get a urine sample, but could not give one to me or the doctors. So,we will have to try next time. We do have to go to lab to get some other tests done to check on possible diseases, God forbid. I pray my twins do not have any diseases. They do not seem to be slowing down so I just pray they will stay healthy as they are. They do not have allergies and that is great.

Go TwiceToddlers!!

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