Saturday, April 3, 2010

Making Money with ArticleShare

The Internet is the best place to make, if not extra, a fulltime career, writing online. There is no need to search for writing jobs anymore in newspapers or word of mouth. Now, all you have to do is sign up, for free, writing articles at this revenue sharing content site called ArticleShare.

This website could not be any easier for writers and their fellow writers. All you, as the writer do is: Write, Share, Earn. At ArticleShare, once you sign up, you begin writing articles under any subject or topic provided from ArticeShare. On whatever subject or topic your article is one, those are the same Google adverstisements that will appear around your article. As you begin sharing your articles through various social networking websites and your readers click on the Google ads, you and ArticleShare, share in the profits

Through this ArticleShare writing program, you will be able to earn 80% from the clicks made on the Google ads. ArticleShare actually shares their profits with you by splitting the revenue 80/20. That is more than other revenue sharing writing websites provide, if ever, to their writers. The only, and very important rule, is to NOT click on your own Google ads.

So, now is the time to sign up with ArticeShare, using the link above, and begin earning the the money that you can live with.

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