Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TwiceToddlers Napping and Mommy is Getting Ready for Seder

This afternoon, as I have stated before, I am attending my first Seder dinner with some of my 50 most closest friends. My church is having, I think, our first Seder dinner. I made,what looks to be a delicious Apple/Matzo/Cranberry/Cinnamon/Sugar dessert. I have never used Matzo before, it is probably what the Lord sent down to the Israelites as they left Egypt, Manna (what is it). But, I doubt it. I mean, man is not meant to duplicate what God has created.

Anyway, my twins are "napping" or "resting" on their beds while I am here, writing my blog and some paid advertisements for clients. I do love writing, especially when I am highly compensated for 200-600 words. Not only does writing ads for companies only or in brick and mortar stores help them in marketing, it helps me monetize my blog and pocketbook. It is a win/win situation.

In about an hour, I will wake them up and get them and me ready for my friend to come pick us up and take us to the ministry center. My twins and her kids will go back to her home when her hubby gets home from work. Then, when my hubby gets off work, he will go pick up our girls and do their Wednesday routine of seeing his parents.

Usually, today, Wednesday, is my bible study day. But, it is Spring Break for our school system and we have taken this week off. Next week, my bible study will complete our study in II Peter and hopefully begin in Isaiah.

I am looking forward to this Seder dinner and seeing all and eating all that is eaten on this special Jewish holiday.

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