Monday, April 19, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom and New Cell Phone

Yesterday after church, we went to a mass retailer so I could get the twins some more sidewalk chalk. While there, I got them a cute new Garanimals summer outfit. The outfit is of hot pink shorts with little bows on each side and a very cute sleeveless top with hearts all over it. Along with these, I got the twins a Disney Parasol and Ballerina Barbies. Oh, I also got them some cute pink gel shoes. I love gel shoes because they are easy to clean up and if they get wet, no problem!!

After leaving the mass retailer, we went to our cell phone store. Daddy and Twins stayed in car while Mommy went inside the store to look for new cell phones. The cell phones we currently had were two years old and I knew we were due for an upgrade. I looked around and saw one that was a good price for both of us and it came with a QWERTY pad, which I wanted so much, a camera, which my old phone had, camcorder, which my old phone did NOT have and I love it, and so much more.

Can you tell I like my new cell phone? Oh, I can also listen to music on my cell phone, but I think I will just use my iPod instead. I do not want to increase my monthly cell phone bill, it is high enough as it is.

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  1. You are so blessed with having twins! They are double the fun and laughter. I would love to have twins also. I bet, you're having fun and enjoying shopping for their clothes and needs. I also love gel shoes for my kids. They are trendy and easy to clean with. Have a fantastic time with your twins. Oh, by the way, your new cell phone is just what you need.