Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TwiceToddlers Watching the Sprout Channel

My twins have recently began to watch the Sprout Network. I am not really a fan of Sprout, but their Goodnight Show is cute. I like that lady dressed in PJ's and I like that Star she talks to. My twins do not watch this channel all the time, but here they are, watching The Goodnight Show on Mommy's bed, looking like my precious sweeties.

With summer winding down, I hope to get my twins playing more with all the toys they have and teaching them to read. I do have a reading program I am still working with them. It would be nice to have them reading by what...2nd grade..is this the age children normally begin reading? I thought it was 1st grade...well with all the reading I do with them, hopefully it will spark them to want to read sooner than their classmates.

Do your toddler's or your children watch Sprout too? What are their favorite shows?

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