Thursday, September 30, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom Birthday Surprise!

I received the best birthday surprise of all parents drove up from SoCal for my birthday in NorCal!!! I had dinner at Chevy's, due to the loudness and my twins, Chevy's is the best place to eat at.

So, I am walking into Chevy's and had NO idea my parents were coming up to celebrate with me. My hubby keeps very good secrets.. I mean, we had just celebrated my Gramma's 90th birthday last weekend in SoCal and stayed with my parents for that weekend.

So, I walk into the dining area, I look up and who to my surprise do I see standing before MOM and DAD!! I began to cry..with my sunglasses on..I was in such shock!!

We had a great time with my hubby, twins, all my in-laws and my precious parents!! This was the best birthday I have ever had...My twins were in a much shock as I was and they wanted to sit on my lap the whole time..

When I was getting ready to sit..I got another Aunt and Uncle from San Jose drove up to my city for my birthday too!! Two amazing surprises in one day...

I certainly am blessed with a loving family...

Thank you Mom and Dad for driving that very...long...and boring ride up north for my birthday... I love you!!

Thank you Auntie Leenie and Uncle Mike for driving in work traffic to celebrate with me too.

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