Thursday, September 30, 2010

TwiceToddlers Mom Receives Many Gifts

This was an amazing birthday. I am guessing it had to do with me turning 40. So, this year, I received a lot of gift cards from places I really love to shop. Some gift cards were from clothing stores and some from specialty shops that sell yummy foods and exotic items. Along with gift cards, I received this bedding set from my hubby and an amazing painting, from my parents, to put either over my bed or my dresser drawer. The bedding set and painting both came from the same place in SoCal where my parents live.

Other wonderful gifts I received were a very fancy and floral spaghetti strap top with an almost matching necklace and very soft sweater with shell tank top underneath. These were the gifts I received at my birthday party.

When I was in SoCal, staying with my parents, they gave me very nice gifts. My Mom gave me these rocker style boots and a black outfit. The tank and thin pants are black and the flowing jacket is black/grey stripped. The whole outfit is awesome.

Let's see, I also received some See's Candy, this perfume I liked from A/E, a matching necklace/earrings set to go with my black outfit, two lovely boxes I really like a lot and so much more.

Oh, at Chevy's, I worn a BIG purple Tiara and a Blue "40" Necklace.

Wow, I had so much fun....This is a birthday I will not forget..

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  1. Ha - same way with my wife - she absolutely loves when she gets gift cards because then she gets to go out and SHOP!!!

    The only problem with that is that she feels like she never gets the time to shop then....