Monday, September 20, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Half Days

Oh goodness, do your children or twins, have half days in school? What do you think of these half days? Do you like them or do they mess up your day? Is there really a purpose for these half days? When my twins have their half days, they do not take a "snack" to school. They have their lunch when they come home. Is this half day to save on paying the teachers throughout the school districts? I am sure my last "question" is the reason for these half days.

Anyway, so far, the things my twins have brought home from kindergarten, school work that is, is a duplicate of what they learned in preschool. When I see the work they are doing, I put it on our breakfast table and say, "Girls, this is exactly the work you did in preschool. This should be easy for you. But, even though they had 1.5 months off from school, they seem to have forgotten what they learned in preschool. Mommy on the other hand has not and I have to once again, sit with them and show them again, how to trace their letters, the name and shapes.

What this is telling me is the private preschool we had our twins is was totally worth it. Our twins were ready for kindergarten before they entered kindergarten. Now, I just have to remind them of the things they learned in preschool.

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