Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TwiceToddlers are so Talkative


My twins are so precious, and wild and so talkative lately. My goodness, they wake up at the crack of dawn and want to be dressed, want to be fed, want to do this and want to do that. They have certainly found their voices and are not afraid to use them.

They tell each other want to do and what not to do. Oh, and when Mommy, that is me, tells them not to do something, they now use that against each other. One day, I told Twin "B" to stop acting like her sister, Twin "A". I said, "Be yourself and stop acting like your sister."

Now, Twin "A" is saying what Mommy said. The only reason I say this is because right now, they do everything alike. They already dress alike, have the same stuffed and not stuffed toys. Everything they do is identical and they are not identical twins.

Anyway, already at 3.5, my twins are very talkative and do not hold back on anything.

Oh, one of their friends from daycare left and went to pre school now. It was so sad for me and our day care provider. I am not sure if it really affected my twins, but if it were not for they friend who left, they would not be daytime potty trained. Their friend is 4 years old and was already potty trained. When my twins saw her going potty, they too wanted to do what she did. That is one good thing I can say about having friends.

Mommy could not potty train them, but their friend helped them, by my twins watching her. Oh, and she was a talkative little girl too. Maybe this is where my girls picked that up from.
Who knows, it could also be from the Disney cartoons they watch.

God Bless all my readers...

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