Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mommy and Survivalist Seeds

Yeah, Spring has finally sprung and a friend of my husbands came over and added got my garden ready for planting. This year, I planned to plant a lot of vegetables for myself. I mean, we all need vegetables to stay strong and healthy, right? If I had more room, I would plant some fruit trees. I really want a lemon, lime and pear tree.

Anyway, I recently found this company called Survialist Seeds online. These seeds are called heirloom seeds and are non-GMO. GMO means genetically modified organisms and this is what a lot of the crops which feed us are using. The biggest company creating GMO crops and buying out family farms is a company called Monsanto. It would amaze you how Monsanto is cross breeding plants and animals into seeds which are feeding humankind.

So, when I found Survialist Seeds, I had to purchase two containers for myself. In this season's garden, I am planting beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and red peppers. My garden is small, but these are vegetables I like to eat.

Survivalist Seeds has 20 grow anywhere heirloom seed varieties, 6,000 heirloom seeds and nearly 30 pounds of rare heirloom seeds for your home garden. These are the best seeds to invest in because they are all natural with no chemicals in them.

If our food supply ever dwindles or becomes unhealthy, having Survialist Seeds will be your mainstay for you and your family.

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