Friday, May 1, 2009

TwiceToddlers: TwiceToddler "A" and the Missing Blanket

For the last two days, Mommy and Daddy have been searching high and low, in drawers, under beds, behind couches, in the playhouse outside, and we could not locate the missing green blanket.

Mommy asked her daycare friend if the blanket was left at her home, nope, Mommy asked Daddy to look inside his car, nope and Mommy asked Daddy to call his Mommy to see if the blanket was at her house, nope.

So, one last time, when I picked up my girls and brought them home, I looked one last time. As it turns out, the blanket was in our home. It was in the big basket Nana gave me with all my baby shower gifts in it from August 2005. I keep the basket in our hallway for laundry.

Anyway, I am thinking Twin "A" placed the blanket in the basket yesterday as she was bringing the basket back to the hallway. The same time one of the photos fell off the wall and hit her head. She began to cry, had a little scratch on her forehead an Twin "B" began to cry too, for no reason except to gain some attention too.

Well, all I have to say is, AMEN!! The blanket was lost, and now is found. As ratty and yucky as it is, Twin "A" still loves it. In fact, this blanket is just falling apart right in front of our eyes. Twin "B"s blanket is also on its way out.

God Bless Everyone...

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