Monday, May 4, 2009

TwiceToddlers Mom, The Grocery Store and Christian Radio

It never ceases to amaze me, that every time I get into my truck, with or without my twins, a christian radio show comes on that is just for me. Take for instance tonight. I was driving to the grocery store getting some stuff. While on the drive, this pastor, did not hear his name, was talking about every tear being wiped from our eyes, Revelation 21:4. Well, I just love this verse and as this pastor continued talking, the Niagara falls came flowing down my eyes. It is always this way, especially when I am alone. My precious Lord is so sweet and He gently lets me know how much He loves me and knows what I am going through.

Then, as I came to my destination, I got out of the truck and the song by Jeremy Camp, "There will be a Day" came to my mind as I know this song is about Revelation 21:4 which is what this pastor was talking about. I know the disease which goes through my body will be no more and I will be made perfect, like my Savior who created me in His Image.

This is just like my precious Savior to talk to me when I am alone and able to soak it all in. Then, on my drive home, I was listening to another pastor, or woman speaker, talking about how Paul was telling the Corinthians it is not good for believer's in Christ to be"unequally yoked". She used Paul's example of why two oxen are yoked together. With two, they can get more done and they are going in the same direction. Again, I love this verse and it is always a good reminder for me to hear this truth.

My goodness, I certainly had one packed night, I was only going to the grocery store.

I Praise you Lord Jesus and thank you for Your Love, above all, forgiveness.

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