Monday, May 4, 2009

TwiceToddlers and the Scent of NeoSure

When my twins were preemies, they had to be on this special formula called Neosure. My husband and I had to learn to feed our twins through this feeding tube called a gavage tube. The nurses, who were on very long shifts, would pour the formula into the tubes, insert the feeding tube into each of our twins throats and my husband and I would hold the tube, up high or down low, to allow the formula to flow into their itty, bitty bodies.

Anyway, sometimes, like lately, when I am sleeping next to one or both my twins, I can smell the scent of Neosure in my nose. Does that ever happen to you where you catch the scent of something from your present or past? Isn't that funny how scents, good or bad, will enter your olfactory senses and bring back memories of times gone by?

This is how that Neosure affects my memories and brings me right back to being in the NICU, for two weeks, with my twin girls. Today, you would never know they were once preemies as they are growing and developing so well.

Praise the Lord...!!!

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