Monday, May 4, 2009

TwiceToddlers and "Magic Movers"

There is this somewhat new show in the DisneyChannel called "Imagination Movers". It is about 4 guys who solve problems, creatively. They work in a warehouse, right next to this guy named NitKnots and his niece Nina. Along with the four guys in their warehouse is Warehouse Mouse. The Warehouse Mouse helps the "Movers" solve problems, along with Nina.

They solve all sorts of problems from finding a way to move around a very big phone book to getting keys out of a locked room.

Anyway, my twins love this show because, for one, the Mover wear BLUE, their favorite color and two, they sing and dance. TwiceToddler "B" loves to dance, TwiceToddler "A", not so much. I told TwiceToddler "B", "Nana will just love you TwiceToddler "B" because Nana loves to dance.

Oh, and my twins can not say "Imagination Movers" --too many syllables I assume. So, they say and must hear "Magic Movers". Just too cute and precious....

So, this is one of the many educational shows I allow my twins to watch. There is this new show on Disney with a panda. I will not allow my girls to watch this because I do not like the 'message' it sends to them.

Well, you win some, you lose some.

God Bless Everyone and Stay Safe!

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  1. Monk,
    How very cute are they ? It's good to see they are learning and at the same time having fun and getting some exercise out of it. You go A and E !!!!
    Luv, M