Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TwiceToddlers Falling of their Beds

Well, lately, Daddy and Mommy, are not sure if our twins wake up crying hysterically because they fall of their, very low to the ground beds, or they are having bad dreams. I just read an article from BabyCenter, stating around ages 3-4, this is when toddlers begin having bad dreams. These bad dreams could come from watching scary shows, listening to scary books or seeing images in their bedroom at night. Well, for my twins, the latter is what causes them to have bad dreams.

So, last night, late last night, Daddy and Mommy, took our twins for a drive for a while. This seemed to calm them down and get them back to normal. Then, when we got home, Daddy removed a book from the bookshelf which seemed to be the culprit of their fear.

Hopefully, this fear will subside as they get older. It is not fun to go through with them at all. Especially with the way they cry over whatever is scaring them.

God Bless Our TwiceBabies....

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