Thursday, May 7, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Mommy at McD's

For lunch, my twins wanted Chicken Nuggets and they wanted to play outside. So, I said I would take them to McD's. One of our McD's has an outside play area. Since my twins were semi-good at Costco, they were rewarded with Chicken Nuggets(not real chicken I am sure) and time to play outside.

Once in McD's, they were a bit rowdy and jumping on the railing behind me, but at least they did not run away from my side. So, for lunch I purchased things from their mini menu and a McCafe Mocha(Iced) for me.

I promised my twins they could have some of my coffee if they ate all their nuggets, which they did.

While outside playing, they made some friends, like they usually do when we go places. My twins, they are not shy when it comes to saying, "HI!!!" to people they do not know. Especially Twin "B", she seems is not shy at all.

After our lunch was done, I gave them 5 more mins to play and then we left. Once home, Daddy, who was also home, put them down for their nap. Once they are up, we will probably go for a walk around the block, like yesterday (with our neighbor), and then they can play on their big wheels and water their seeds.

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  1. Monk,
    It sounds like you have had a fun filled day. I bet the girls were tired and enjoyed going to bed. I'm doing my prep today for tomorrows procedure. Keep me in prayer that the results will be perfect. Thanks, love you lots. M