Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TwiceToddlers Watering Their Seeds

After my twins nap, I gave them half a brownie and some a little bottle of chocky milk. Then I said,"Let's go for a walk." So, my twins got on some their sandals or flip flops Nana gave them last summer.

Once their feet were covered, we walked across the street to our neighbors house and talked to them. Then, I asked of our female friend wanted to go on a walk with us. She said, "Sure", and got her sunglasses on too.

Then, we walked around the block, well, Twin "A" more or less jogged, while Twin "B" held Mommies hand. After our walk, we looked across the street, no cars, so I let them run across to our house.

After we got back home, we went into the garage. In the garage, my twins spied a water toy I got them. I opened that toy where they played with it for a while in their water table. Then, Mommy, that is me, suggested they water their seeds in the front of the house. So, we filled the buckets (with a watering can spout) and walked to the front of the house.

Once in front of the house, I showed Twins "A&E" where to water their seeds. It was all along one of our fences. I told them it would take a couple weeks to see if they would begin to grow. We made three trips to the fence and watered those seeds pretty well. It was fun too.

Precious TwiceToddlers...

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  1. Monk,
    Such fun for everyone !!!!! They will start getting so excited as the seeds actually start to show--let's hope they won't pull them out of the ground though !!!
    What kind of tomatoes do you have in your pots in the backyard?
    LOL,- M