Thursday, May 7, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Mommy at Costco

After the gym, my Twice Toddlers and Mommy went to Costco. My main reason for going was to get some more of that Hawaiian Sweet Bread. My twins LOVE this bread. Well, Mommy does too, but who knew they would like this bread.

While entering Costco, my twins and saw one of our friends Mother's, Marla. She just loves my twins and their hair. Well, everyone just loves their hair. I mean, everyone we come into contact with comments on their red, curly hair. They usually say their hair looks like Shirley Temple.

So, I picked up some more Hawaiian Sweet Bread, got them a new Disney top/skirt outfit in pink with Minnie in the center of they top, some more Sun Chips, a variety of cookies and some animal cookies.

We had a good time at Costco and it was busy too. Well, Costco is always busy. When I was leaving, and at my truck, I was having the hardest time getting my twins out of their strap thingy. So, this nice man parked next to me saw I was struggling and offered to help me unstrap my twins, I also let him take Twin "A" out of her chair. I only did this because I looked familiar to me and, he looked nice.

It is always nice to get some honest help when it is needed. It is also a good thing Mommy had a good time at Costco with her Twice Toddlers. Will wonder's ever cease???

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