Monday, May 4, 2009

TwiceToddlers Funny Ways of Speaking

Within the past couple of weeks, my twins have been using these two words to describe what they are "trying" to talk about. These two words are "Hers" and "Hims". It is the cutest thing, I think. For one, it is showing me they are doing their best to learn our language and second, that they are doing their best to seperate the sexes.

Even though they do not yet know how to say, "Those are hers or his", it is hilarious hearing them try and say this phrase. At this time, I really do not want to correct them. I think it is too cute and, they will eventually figure it out on their own or learn the right way to say the phrase from their daycare friends.

"Hers" and "Hims"----you gotta love it....

My precious TwiceBabies, now TwiceToddlers----

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