Saturday, May 23, 2009

TwiceToddlers Out With Daddy and Mommy; Individually

Ever since my twins were a year old, we began to take our twins out individually. It concerned me that Twin "B" thought she might not be getting individual attention she needed. So, Daddy and Mommy decided to take each twin out individually.

Now, at 3.6 years old, they still love going out individually with Daddy and Mommy. Today, we did just that, Daddy took Twin "A" to check out at some homes in a nearby home and then went to Kohl's. While at Kohl's, Twin "A" saw a dress she liked with cherries all over it.

Meanwhile, Twin "B" and Mommy stayed in our city where Mommy took Twin "B" to PetSmart to look at the kitties for adoption. We stayed there for probably 20 minutes, then went next door to Party City to get Twin "B" and Twin "A" a blue metallic balloon (which is already down on the ground) BOO!!!. From the Party City store, Mommy and Twin "B" went downtown to Barista's Coffee where Mommy got a Blended Chocolate Coffee (decaf), a banana and a delicious cheese cake muffin. Oh so yummy!

From the coffee shop, we walked down to the Farmer's Market where Mommy purchased some cherries, two apricots and three big and fresh cookies.

Then Daddy called and said what he was doing with Twin "A" and that Daddy got some lunch for our twins. That is when Twin "B" and Mommy made our way back to the car and drove home for some lunch.

It was a very busy day indeed. Our twins loved it though. They love spending individual time alone with either Mommy or Daddy.

God Bless Mommy's and Daddy's~~!!

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