Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TwiceToddlers and Kitty Kat Dress, well Gown, actually

Last night, after my twins bath, I had set out a kitty kat gown for them to wear. Well, at first, they, Twin "A" in particular, did not want to wear it. Then, she looked at it and thought it was a dress. I explained to her it was actually a night gown, from Grammie and Papa, from last summer.

Twin "A" had to think it was a dress though. She and Twin "B" love wearing dresses. So, I let them think it was a dress, because, well, a night gown does look like a dress, indeed.

So, tonight when twins A&E go to Grammie and Papa's, they want to wear their 'dresses'.

Silly TwiceToddlers.....

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